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Pizzawala Coupons in Chennai

1 + 1 FREE or flat 50% OFF on Pizzas at Pizzawala.

Save at Pizzawala in Chennai with UPto75 Coupons.

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1) Buy 1 Medium Pizza, get another FREE.
2) Buy 1 large Pizza, get 1 Med pizza & a coke FREE
3) Flat 50% discount for orders over Rs. 1000
4) Flat 30% discount for orders over Rs.500.

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4. Once you are at Pizzawala, present the coupon before the order is placed.

Pizzawala offers
Pizzawala Food & Groceries sales India


The Pizzas at Pizzawala are made out of fresh ingredients and perfect hand kneaded dough. They have different sizes for you just like the normal Italian Pizzas you are used to but these are indeed special. They bring to you, a customized Indian version of the same original product to suit our tastes. So even the non-pizza-lovers can now try out these spicy, tangy, saucy and rich pizzas to add fun to your otherwise normal food menu.

Pizza Sauces and Toppings

What makes the Pizzas at Pizzawala really special are the toppings and sauces that adorn them! You can choose your sauce and the ingredients you need. They cook their sauce with fresh tomatoes and secret herbs and spices. You can opt for the spicy Indian sauce or the spicy pesto sauce on all days. And of course, specialty sauces are offered every month to add to this fun. The toppings are fresh and never refrigerated. So be happy, healthy and eat all you want!

Pizzawala Details

Pizzawala, a vegetarian Pizza joint in Chennai, offers you a truly desi version of the Italian Pizzas, fresh and scrumptious. Their Pizzas can be authentic Italian if you demand, but they are normally found topped with Indian sauces, masalas and other flavours to give you the real Indian taste. Pizzawala menu is variety at its best and offers you a range of flavours you may never have tasted before in Pizzas. Pizzawala also ensures something special is showcased every month with unusual and new toppings. Do names like Guntur Karam Pizza or Baingan Bharta Pizza make you a little inquisitive? Well, then you sure must read their menu and try out some of the regulars. You will be surprised! Reasonable costs and great flavours make Pizzawala a destination worth exploring.

Pizzawala Corporate Address

5A, Anna main road, Kodambakkam
Chennai, India 600024

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