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5% off on memberships, exclusive for UPto75 users.

If your vehicle is immobilized in any place in Bengaluru at any hour of the day or night, Rescue would be ready to help! And of you are also an UPto 75 user, you get an 5% off on becoming a member of Rescue. So here is your chance, grab it!
To register now http://www.rescuefirst.com/Registrationform.html
For any queries please call us on 9342 50 50 51 , 9886496747. For any assistance during emergency breakdown in any place in Bengaluru, please call 080 32 91 91 22.
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24/7 Roadside Vehicle Breakdown Assistance and FREE Flat Tyre Assistance

If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, whatever the hour, count on the breakdown Team Rescue to be there within half an hour. They offer service round-the-clock! Similarly, if you end up with a flat tyre, they are generous enough to get the punctures repaired on the spot at absolutely zero cost for labour.

24/7 FREE Emergency Fuel Assistance and Repairs of Minor Mechanical faults

In case your car breaks down owing to an empty tank, do not fret. The Team Rescue would deliver up to 1 litre fuel for 2 wheelers and up to 3 litres for 4 wheelers at their actual costs. No fee is taken for delivery. They also provide minor mechanical services including checking the battery, jumpstarting, checking and rectifying electrical circuits, starter motor, alternator, ignition system, replacement of coolant hoses, lock out situations, replacement of clutch wire, gear wire, brake wire and tubes and cleaning the carburetor to name a few. No labour charge is taken for any service.

24/7 Towing and Medical Assistance

Up to 5 kms, Team Rescue offers you free towing. After that, you are charged Rs.25/ Km for a 2 wheeler and Rs.100/ Km for a 4 wheeler. And if you had an accident, however big or small, they assist by calling the ambulance and offering other necessary medical aid.

About Company

Rescue, is an On Road Vehicle Breakdown Assistance Service started in 2006 in Bangalore, offering a host of rescue services including tyre assistance, fluid/ fuel delivery, minor mechanical adjustments, towing and additional services for your vehicle 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They started off with 2 wheelers and then upgraded their services to 4 wheelers. Today, they also offer a host of other value added services.

Corporate Address

24/7 Vehicle Breakdown Assistance
#79/41, 3rd Main, Bharti Layout, S.G Palya
Bengaluru, India 560029

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