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10% discount for advance bulk bookings on Makkhan chor sweets

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10% discount for advance bulk bookings on Makkhan chor sweets.

Sweets are a favourite among all sections and a considered an auspicious sign of festivity! Makkhan Chor, one of the most popular sweet shops in town, is a part of the famous Dhabba Express. With delicious, yet healthy sweets, Makkhan Chor is considered a sweet lovers paradise. From Son Papdi, Laddus, Khaja, Chena Murkhi, Moti Chur to our favorite Rasgullas, Gulab Jamuns and Jalebis, you get it all at Makkhan Chor. And to top it all, they also offer fascinating discounts and special deals. And as part of this festive season, when you buy sweets in bulk, book them in advance to get a flat discount of 10%!

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Soam Papdi

Soam Papdi is a very popular and tasty traditional mithai from the north. It is made up of layers of flour, sugar, ghee, cardamom, almonds, pistachio, and cucumber seeds with a crisp and flaky texture. Considered one of the best in sweets to be gifted, Soam Papdi is in demand especially during festivals. And at Makkhan Chor, you cannot help but buy them over and over again.


Dipped in extra sweet sugar syrup, the white yummy rasgullas are impossible to resist! Created with chhena and seasoned with cardamoms, rose water, and pistachio, this sweet has been a part and parcel of the traditional Indian household from time immemorial. Cold or at room temperature, they are out- of- the-world! Get them from Makkhan Chor and celebrate this festive season with pomp and valor.


Bright yellow or orange in color, even the look of Jalebis tempt you. Hot jalebis sweetened with sugar syrup is considered the 'Celebration Sweet' of India and popularly gifted during national holidays and events. It is also highly popular in Pakistan. One of the oldest sweets and liked in every part and section of the country, jalebis can be called the most compatible sweet! And at Makkhan Chor, get the best and get them in plenty.

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