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30% discount, Rs.300 off on purchase of products worth Rs.1000 & above at softtouchlenses.com

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Get Rs.300 Additional Discount on purchase of products worth Rs.1000 & above at softtouchlenses.com.

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SoftTouchLenses coupons

Bausch & Lomb: SofLens 59 contact lenses

Polylite Lenses, highly comfortable lenses that are also known for its superior fit, come in three categories at Soft Touch Lenses, namely Colour Disposable, Monthly Disposable and Yearly Disposable. They display a high level of moisture retention with 55% water content. Other features include tear exchange and visual acuity. This lens is made from the best of Methafilcon A. They have uniform thick edges to enhance comfort, are lightly tinted and come with UV protection.

Johnson & Johnson 1-Day MOIST ACUVUE

Johnson & Johnson 1-Day MOIST ACUVUE, a daily disposable lens made of Erafilcon A offers you a water content of 58%. It is prescribed for both near or farsightedness. Most importantly, it blocks up to 82% UV-A and 97% UV-B radiation. It reduces friction and maintains moisture in your eyes owing to their LACREON™* technology. This technology also ensures a permanent moisture-rich wetting agent providing ultimate comfort all through the day. The lenses are tinted blue and are priced effectively. Being a daily disposable lens, Johnson & Johnson 1-Day MOIST ACUVUE reduces the hassles of carrying lens containers and is specially effective on allergic people as lenses are changed daily.

Polylite Lenses

Fresh Look Colorblends from Ciba Vision is a monthly disposable cosmetic lens made up of Phemfilcon A with a water content of 55%. The best feature of Fresh Look Colorblends is its range of shades, namely Blue, Honey, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Brown, Amethyst, Hazel and Sapphire. The result of each lens shade is affected by your natural eye colour and rightly, you have the option of trying out the different shades before choosing the one that best suits you. These lenses help you enhance your eye colour and bring subtle variances to your natural eye colour making them attractive and deep. The colour of the lens is no hindrance to vision as the lenses are large and clear. They are disposable, hence convenient. They are available at any optical store and easily accessible. Safer, more hygienic and pretty, these cosmetic lenses combine utility with beauty!

SoftTouchLenses Details

SoftTouchLenses.com, a leading online retailer of contact lenses, offers a broad range of branded contact lenses and other products at highly competitive rates. They have Fancy Lens Cases, 2 Week Disposables, Quarterly Disposables, Bifocal Lenses, Colour Disposables, Daily Disposables, Monthly Disposables, Yearly Disposables and Toric Lenses.The cost of all the lenses online at SoftTouchLenses.com is always lesser than the rates you find in other stores. Moreover, it eases your trouble of having to go to stores physically and find the best lenses. Their website is easy to use and convenient. Also be assured that the lenses you purchase will be in full compliance with your eye doctors prescription. Products bought will be delivered home in perfect condition and in time. Their customer service executives are available 24/7 online at customercare@softtouchlenses.com. Brands include Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Acme 42, Cooper Vision, Magic Look Lenses, Freshkon.

SoftTouchLenses Corporate Address

No. 6, Golden Palace, Akurli Road,
Lokhandwala Township, Kandivali(E)
Mumbai, India 400101

Website: http://www.softtouchlenses.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SoftTouchLenses.India
Twitter: http://twitter.com/SoftTouchLenses

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