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Sunderlal Tyre House Offers in Kolkata

Computerised Wheel Alignment & Balancing, Nitrogen Inflation & Free Battery Check-up for only Rs.300

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Get your car's Computerized Wheel Alignment & Balancing, Nitrogen Inflation (5 Tyres) and Free Battery Check-up worth Rs.650 for only Rs.300.

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Sunderlal Tyre House India Addresses and Location
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Wheel Balancing

The tyre has a number of heavy spots on it that hinders safe riding and increases driver stress. It also wears down the shocks and other suspension components while increasing fuel consumption. Wheel Balancing is essential for your car to ride smoothly and ensure long life for its tyres. At Sunderlal Tyre House, they place your car’s tyres on a computerised wheel-balancing machine to pinpoint heavy spots with precision. It offers you the exact weight required and spot to neutralize disproportions. Once the wheels are reset, you can be assured of flawless balance!

Wheel Alignment

Alignment of your car, meaning the angle of the wheels of your car in relation to the driving path, needs to be in focus for the driving to be effortless and safe. All the three parts, the Camber, Castor and Toe of the car, have to be aligned correctly to help the tyres roll free. At Sunderlal Tyre House, they use a computerized system of alignment that shows precise measurements and tells the mechanics what exactly needs to be done. It takes minimum time to complete the process at Sunderlal Tyre House and your car is ready to rock and roll!

Nitrogen Inflation

Using Nitrogen in Tyre Inflation augments fuel efficiency, increases tyre life, contributes to the green effect cause and ensures that you are safe while driving your car. It also maintains proper tyre pressure longer that while using other gases. At Sunderlal Tyre House, you can get your tyre inflated with nitrogen and ensure a happy safe journey back!

About Company

Sunderlal Tyre House, an authorized franchisee of MRF Tyres in Kolkata, offers you a wide range of car services including Computerized Wheel Alignment, Balancing, Nitrogen Inflation, Battery Check Up et al. Located right in the heart of the city, they offer the best rates on their various products and services

Corporate Address

50 Chowringhee Road
opposite to birla planeterium
Kolkata, India 700071

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