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Earlier known as SRL Ranbaxy Ltd, Super Religare Laboratories is an Industry leader in medical diagnostics. With super-speciality laboratories and state-of-the-art facilities, Super Religare Laboratories is one of the most reliable and effective pathology laboratory network in India. It services nearly 4,000 hospitals/ path labs and over 50,000 doctors. Super Religare Laboratories is fast growing and expanding both in the domestic market as well as the international markets! A strong consumer base and consistent performance has made Super Religare Laboratories a strong contender in the international markets for its services in medical diagnostics. If you can get hold of Super Religare Laboratories's new offer advertisement, carry it along with you when you go for your tests. It will give you a phenominal saving on all your tests!

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Pathology Services

Super Religare Laboratories is the largest pathology lab network in India and services over 4000 hospitals and 50,000 doctors. The number of patients getting tests done with them in a year would cross 6 million and amounts to over 34000 tests every day. All test procedures adhere to international protocols and all tests for the most known diseases are provided. Consistent research is also done to improve existing tests and discover new ones.


Your experience at Super Religare Laboratories extends beyond pathology services. An effort is made not only to provide you with accurate test results but also to focus on your emotional wellbeing. By developing preventive capabilities and offering advanced analytical health management support, Super Religare Laboratories takes you a few steps forward and helps you live a healthier life. Your wellness is taken care of at Super Religare Laboratories.

International Business

Super Religare Laboratories believes that setting up specialized reference laboratories that address the needs of each independent country or region would make pathology services more effective and reliable. It aims at establishing fully operational reference laboratory services in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. It is also planning to expand operations into countries like Africa and North America. With this, Super Religare Laboratories expects not only to make itself more accessible to people outside of India but also to offer customized medical diagnostics services.

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