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TopChalks Coupon - Get 40% discount on IIT JEE & AIEEE Test Prep.

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Get 40% discount on IIT JEE & AIEEE Test Prep at Topchalks.com.

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Topchalks Education sales India

Test Prep

The test prep is your solution to all the professional courses including IIT-JEE, AIEEE, OJEE, CAT and SAT. TopChalks gives you an opportunity to first gauge your self-worth, identify your strengths and weaknesses and find ways to strengthen your weak areas while practicing your strengths to build perfection. You can also compare yourself with toppers and see how you fare.Top Chalks has it in them to transform you from a mere aspirant to an IITian. So check them out.

School Prep

If you are in High School and believe that you do not have a strong enough foundation in your subjects, this is the place to go. TopChalks follows a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation concept that allows you to bring in qualitative development in your intellect and understanding of the subjects. Top Chalks ensures that you have a good and complete understanding of fundamental concepts. Top Chalks helps you enhance your ability to interpret and solve complex problems and guide you to manage your day better and achieve comprehensive education.

Topchalks Details

TopChalks, a unique online educational system, offers you training in all kinds of higher secondary school preparation tests and professional entrance tests like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, OJEE, CAT and SAT. Top Chalks offers you an online classroom learning model that does not compromise on the quality of training imparted. The age-old instructor-led classroom learning is replaced by highly scalable digital medium such as the Internet, CD/DVDs and locally over LANs (local area networks). The greatest advantage here is that you can give extra attention to weak areas and focus on exercises, problems and online tests to strengthen your intellect. Moreover, you can listen to a lecture as many times as you wish so that nothing is missed in the process. TopChalks believes in democratizing education in India and empowering every student to succeed in their educational and career quests. So now learn anywhere and anytime you feel like with TopChalks!

Topchalks Corporate Address

H-512, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon
Gurgaon, India 122017

Website: http://www.topchalks.com

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