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Shaadi special Combo.
32' LCD+ Refrigerator+ Washing Machine+ Convection Microwave Oven+ Home Theatre+ DVD Player+ Food Processor+ Steam Iron=Rs.100001
26' LCD+ A Refrigerator/Washing Machine+ A Grill Microwave Oven+ A Home Theatre=Rs.51001.
A Refrigerator+ Home Theatre+ DVD Player+ Food Processor/ A Washing Machine+ Home Theatre+ DVD Player+ Food Processor=Rs.21001.
A Grill Microwave Oven+ Food Processor+ DVD player/ A Mobile+ Camera+ Digital Photo Frame=Rs.11001.
A Food Processor+ Toaster/ Sandwich Maker+ A Steam Iron=Rs. 6001.

Xcite,is a Consumer Electronic showroom.Their value added services include free delivery, 24 hours of purchase and extended warranty that takes care of the appliances. And if you or anyone you know is off to get married, make sure you check out the shaadi special combos offered at Xcite!

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TV and Audio, Computers

The TV and Audio section displays an array of choices be it in CTVs, LCDs, Plasmas, Home Theatres, LEDs or DVDs to name a few. They are offered in multiple brands including their very own WANSA brand. Computers and laptops are also available in all the top brands including Acer, Sony and HP.

Cameras, Camcorders and Mobiles

Xcite showcases the latest and best in Canon, Sony, Samsung and Nikon cameras and camcorders. All the best brands in Mobiles are also available including the popular Nokia, LG, Sony and Samsung. And if you are looking for quality devices that are reasonable, go for their home brand WANSA. Great prices, great warranty and reliable, Xcite is a place you can be sure of finding what you want!

Home and Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care

All kinds of home and kitchen appliances from washing machines, ACs, microwave ovens and refrigerators to iron boxes, telephones, kettles, mixies and water purifiers are available at Xcite. Name the brand and you have it. You could also go for their home brand WANSA if you are looking for reliable yet reasonably priced products. Most of these come with extended warranty and great after sales service.