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XLNC Dance Company, started in the year 1995, is one of Bangalores first professional dance companies. XLNC started off with just 5 dancers coming from different parts of South India. Their passion, dedication and discipline has brought XLNC up from 5 to over 20 dancers and more than 1500 blasting performances to their credit in the last 12 years. It is definitely not confined to being a popular dance troupe. It is, today, also considered a complete entertainment destination. They specialize in every kind of dance be it western, contemporary, folk, Bollywood, fusion, theme, musical Latin, Hawaiian or Arabian! And if you are looking for a customized brand specific performance, they give you that too. And if you book them now, you can also avail a flat 25% off on billing. So what are you waiting for?

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From launches, shows and promotions to corporate events, everyone loves the Bollywood shyle. XLNC specializes in bollywood numbers as well as South Indian movie numbers. If you need them to jive to the latest film songs, they offer you a vast collection to select from. Or if you are a fan of the golden oldies, you could ask them to dance to the remixes! Better still, you could get them to perform to some good item or pop numbers! This or that, they deliver the best.


More and more youngsters today are fascinated by the traditional Indian art forms. Hence many cultural events, shows and conferences showcase such dances. And to address this growing demand, XLNC offers you the most innovative team of dancing experts. Whether it is folk dance, fusion of different styles, musical plays or theme dances, they have just the right people. Folk dances include everything from Bhangrah (Punjabs folk dance), Baila (Goan folk dance), Lavani (Maharashtras folk dance), Yakshagana (Southern Karnataka folk dance) to even Kalari (Keralas martial arts).


More and more event organizers are now demanding novelty in performances. Overexposure to Indian bollywood dances have brought about the need for an occasional breath of fresh air! And what else can give you that but western dance forms?! Western does not refer to just Jazz, Hip-hop or the western free style for XLNC; it also includes Latin, Hawaiian, Arabian and Contemporary. In Latin, they perform the Salsa, Jive, Merengue and Cha-Cha. Under Hawaiian, they dance to the Limbo and the popular Fire dance.