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Benjarong Coupons in Kolkata

15% Discount on A La Carte at Benjarong Restaurant, South City Mall, Kolkata.

Save at Benjarong in Kolkata with UPto75 Coupons.

Benjarong is a well-known Thai Restaurant started by OCPL in Bangalore. They bring to you the finest of original recipes and delicious authentic cuisines that are fresh, perfectly textured, aromatic and irresistible.

Offer: 15% Discount on A La Carte at Benjarong Restaurant, South City Mall, Kolkata.

Benjarong Restaurant Timings: 12 Noon to 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Call for Reservations, Validity Of the Voucher and More Details: 033 24228584, +91 8438965495

Benjarong Restaurant Address:
Shop No. 308, Plot No 375, South City Mall, Prince Anwar Shah Rd, South City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700068


Thai, Chinese, Asian

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Benjarong offers
Benjarong Restaurants sales India

Starters and Desserts

A delightful spread of Soups and Salads greet you as you open the menu at Benjarong. They showcase mouth-watering dishes like the Spicy Seafood Soup, Tom Yum, Minced Chicken Salad, Raw Papaya Salad and Raw Mango Salad. Moving on to appetizers, they have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialties for you to choose from. Delicacies such as the Prawn Satay, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Chicken Wings in Lemon Grass, Crispy Potatoes in Chilli and Tender Peppercorn, Grilled Mushroom and Crispy Fish in Roasted Chilli Paste are just some of them. Desserts are also truly representative the Thai culture with dishes like Coconut Pumpkin Custard, Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk and Sticky Rice with Mango being offered. Please Share Benjarong Discount Coupon Page on your Social Media Profiles


The Mains menu at Benjarong is made up of a variety of Noodles, Rices, Sauces and Curries. They have some unique flavours in Fried Rice and Noodles. The Red, Green and Yellow Thai Curries are also part of the menu and probably one of the most revered among all Thai cuisines. In Sauces, check out Prawns in Creamy Oyster Sauce, Fish in Chilli and Basil Sauce, Tenderloin in Green Curry Paste, Chicken with Cashewnuts, Stir Fried Greens in Yellow Bean Sauce, Broccoli in Green Curry Paste and Potatoes in Roasted Chilli Paste, among others.

Benjarong Details

Benjarong, one of the most sought-after Thai Restaurants in India started by OCPL, offers you pungent spices and authentic flavours that are truly Thai. The freshest of local produce, including meat and seafood, are combined with the finest of original recipes by their seasoned chefs to bring to you delicious cuisines that are perfectly textured, aromatic, irresistible and addictive. The décor of the restaurant, just like its food, is rich, tasteful and pleasantly Thai. They have beautiful silverware and enticing Thai figurines adorning the showcases on the walls. You will love their luxurious looking ambience, golden yellow and amusingly calming. The inviting aroma of lemon grass, an ingredient that characterises Thai cooking, further makes your experience at Benjarong original and memorable.

Benjarong Corporate Address

Shop No. 308, Plot No 375, South City Mall,
Prince Anwar Shah Road, South City,
Kolkata, India 700068

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