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Care and Health Clinic Offers - Skin Treatments

Hair Treatment at Rs.599 and Skin Treatment at Rs.799 at Care and Health Clinic in Kolkata.

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Care & Health is a multispecialty wellness clinic set in Kolkata. Care and Health services include Hair Care, Skin Treatments, Weight Loss Programs, Beauty Treatments, Medicinal Cures, Pain Management, Panchakarma and many more.

Hair Treatment at Rs.599 and Skin Treatment at Rs.799 at Care and Health Clinic in Mukarjee Road, Kolkata.

Offer 1: Hair Care Treatment
Actual Price: Rs.8000
Discounted Price: Rs.599
1: Doctor consultation.
2: Hair Analysis.
3: One Hair fall control / Dandruff control / Follicular activation therapy /Damage scalp rejuvenation.
4: 4 setting laser hair grow treatment.

Offer 2: Hair Growth Treatment.
Actual Price: Rs.7100
Discounted Price: Rs.699
1: 1 Micro needling hair growth.
2: 4 Radio re-growth therapy.
3: 1 Plasma re-growth therapy.
4: DOE consulting.
5: Skin analysis.

Offer 3: Skin Care Treatment.
Actual Price: Rs.13000
Discounted Price: Rs.799
1: Anti tan / pigmentation / Acne scar treatment.
2: 3 Under eye treatment.
3: 2 Freckles / Melasma therapy.
4: 1 Derma polish face.
5: Diet chart.
6: Medicinal Guide.
7: Skin analysis.

Offer 4: Anti Aging Treatment.
Actual Price: Rs.12000
Discounted Price: Rs.999
1: 3 double chin reduction.
2: 2 Vampire Scar Revisions.
3: 1 Micro Needling Scar Correction.
4: Face Clean Massage (Face Wash, Scrub, Massage).

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Call for Booking and Other Details: +91-9298400315, +91-8008887500

Care and Health Clinic Address :
Devi, Darshan 2nd Floor, 83-SP Mukherjee Road Hazra, kolkata - 700026

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Care and Health Clinic India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on Care and Health Clinic
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A complete range of hair care services are offered at Care & Health. They showcase a team of experts who undertake both surgical and non-surgical procedures with ease and finesse. Their selection of non-surgical procedures include Hair Treatments, Follicular Activation Therapy for Hair Transplant, Oil Control Treatment, Damaged Scalp Rejuvenation as well as Treatments for Psoriasis, Thinning of Hair, Rough & Damaged Hair and Seborrheic Dermatitis. In Surgical, Care and Health offers the Microneedle for Hair Growth, Dandruff Control Treatments and PRP.


Under Skin Treatments, Care & Health brings to you a whole gamut of services including Acne Treatment, Dark Circle Puffy Eye Correction, Tan Removal, Freckles Reduction, Instant Skin Glow Treatment, Oil Control Treatment and more that are non-surgical. They also have a wide number of Surgical Procedures such as Vampire Collagen Induction Therapy, Vampire Scare Revision, Subcission for the Depressed, Facial Scars Removal, Double Chin Correction, Mole/ Wart Removal, Botox, Fillers, Electro Surgery, Radio Frequency Surgery, Laser Tattoo Removal as well as Treatments for Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Lower Back Pain. Please share Care and Health Clinic discount coupon page on your social media profiles.


Apart from Hair and Skin Care Services, Care & Health also has a number of treatments for Obesity. Be it Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Muscle Toning & Firming, Full Body Sculpting, Breast Correction, Post Pregnancy Stretch Marks Correction or any other, you can be assured of precise and highly positive results. Other areas of expertise showcased by Care & Health are Medicinal Treatments for Allergies, Piles, Asthma Gynaecological Treatment Sexual Dysfunction, Infertility, Menstrual Disorders, Vitiligo, Thyroid Dysfunion, Acidity, Psychological Disorders, Frozen Shoulder, Sinusitis & Renal/ Kidney Disorders and Pain Management techniques including Panchakarma.

About Company

Care & Health, an established multispecialty wellness clinic in Kolkata, offers you a holistic assortment of hair, skin and bodily services that are fantastic in quality and affordability. Their packages include a wide array of Treatments, Nutrition, Dietary Modifications, Tips, Cooking Instructions and more that not only cure your current ailments but also prepare you for a healthy and robust life thereafter. Some of Care and Health most popular treatments include therapies for the Skin, Weight Loss Programs, Beauty Treatments and Panchakarma, among others.

Corporate Address

Devi, Darshan 2nd Floor,
83-SP Mukherjee Road Hazra,
Kolkata, India 700026
Website: http://www.careandhealth.co.in/

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