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It is an online cloud platform for you to study and practice a wide range of subjects such as Big Data and Machine Learning. CloudXLab offers courses from Electronics & ICT Academy, IIT Roorkee as well apart from a lab that is accessible 24/7.

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T&Cs and more Info on CloudXLab


In association with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India, the E&ICT Academy IIT Roorkee organizes a number of small skills-enhancing courses for faculty, working professionals and Govt. employees. This includes subjects like Big Data Engineering with Hadoop and Spark, Machine Learning Specialization, Python for Machine Learning, Data Science Specialization, Python for Beginners, 6. Big Data with Hadoop, Big Data with Spark, Machine and Deep Learning. You can earn your certificate after completion of these and showcase them on your resume. Having taken these programs, you also have the added advantage of working on projects, videos, quizzes, hands-on assessments and case studies, thus giving you that extra spark and value.

Certification Courses by CloudxLab

The list of certifications include DevOps Specialization, Big Data with Hadoop and Spark, Hadoop Developer, Spark Developer, AI for Managers, Machine Learning Specialization, Machine and Deep Learning. With a team of qualified experts training you and taking you through the fundamentals, earning your certificate from them is a cakewalk for you. Relax, enjoy the experience and also master it all in the process with them! Use a Cloudxlab coupon and save on course fee.

Lab Learning

The lab offered by them is accessible 24/7 and perfect for those who love to keep practicing their technologies. The lab is pre-installed with the necessary software to learn Machine Learning and Big Data Technologies right away. They also have publicly available data sets for you to start off. If you have your own, upload them and access them from anywhere! You can also use any browser or SSH on any device or operating system. All you need, to use their lab features, is an internet connection and you are good to go.

About Company

It is an online cloud e-learning platform, offers you a fabulous environment for you to study and practice a wide range of subjects such as Big Data and Machine Learning. The team is made up of a highly skilled team of developers, researchers, and engineers who drive the process of learning in such a manner that it is not only self-enhancing but also fun and exciting. They showcase a highly creative gamified design, a range of intuitive apps, informative videos, auto-assessment tests, 24-hrs lab access and much more to help students master their subjects effectively. Be it the EICT IITR Courses or CloudxLab Courses, you can earn certifications that are recognized by top organizations, and highlight them for a soaring career in IT!

Main CloudXLab Offers and Coupons at a Glance

Product Description CloudXLab Offer Price
Python for Beginners atRs.999
Certification Course on Machine Learning atRs.1499
Big Data Engineering with Hadoop and Spark atRs.1499
Machine Learning Specialization atRs.3999
Big Data with Hadoop and Spark atRs.1499

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