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It is a thorough programming & coding classroom with 6 centres across Delhi NCR & Punjab. Also, Coding Blocks offers you a number of online courses, bootcamps and webinars that could be taken at your own pace, place and convenience.

Coding Blocks Offers on Online Programming and Coding Courses
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Scholarship / The Campus Ambassador program   Grab Deal
Offers on Live Classes
Learn Data Structures and algorithm with C++ at Rs.12499   Grab Deal
Learn Data Structures and Algorithm with Java at Rs.12499   Grab Deal
Data Science with Python at Rs.19999   Grab Deal
FullStack Web with NodeJs at Rs.16999   Grab Deal
Interview Preparation for Bigwigs at Rs.14999   Grab Deal
ALGO.Java - DataStructures at Rs.10999   Grab Deal
Master Algo++ at Rs.10999   Grab Deal
Digital Marketing at Rs.9999   Grab Deal
Competitive Programming at Rs.14999   Grab Deal
Coding Blocks Offers on Classroom Courses
Python BootCamp for Class 7 - 10 Students   Grab Deal
Learn MathsGeeks   Grab Deal
C++ for Begineers at Rs.8000   Grab Deal
Java for Begineers at Rs.8000   Grab Deal
Learn Python App Development at Rs.12000   Grab Deal
Learn Full Stack Web App Development with NodeJs at Rs.22000   Grab Deal
Android App Development at Rs.22000   Grab Deal
Web Development with Django at Rs.15000   Grab Deal
Web Development Using Java at Rs.20000   Grab Deal
Game Development at Rs.10000   Grab Deal
Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ at Rs.12000   Grab Deal
Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms in Java at Rs.12000   Grab Deal
Advanced Machine Learning at Rs.25000   Grab Deal
Data Science with Python at Rs.25000   Grab Deal
Competitive Programming at Rs.15000   Grab Deal
Interview Preparation   Grab Deal
Advanced React and Redux BootCamp at Rs.5799   Grab Deal
Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Insights   Grab Deal
Learn To Build AI-Powered Chat Bots at Rs.999   Grab Deal
Angular BootCamp at Rs.5799   Grab Deal
Learn To Build Exciting Web Games at Rs.999   Grab Deal
Complete C++ at Rs.17000   Grab Deal
Java Complete at Rs.17000   Grab Deal
Coding Blocks Offers on Online Courses
Programming Fundamentals in C++ at Rs.15499   Grab Deal
Adavanced Data Structures Algo in C++ at Rs.13499   Grab Deal
Java Datastructure and Algorithms at Rs.13499   Grab Deal
Full Stack Web Development with NodeJS at Rs.17999   Grab Deal
Competitive Programming at Rs.18999   Grab Deal
Dynamic Programming at Rs.12999   Grab Deal
Android App Development at Rs.17999   Grab Deal
Machine Learning at Rs.21999   Grab Deal
Data Science Course at Rs.25499   Grab Deal
Competitive Programming Study Material at Rs.1499   Grab Deal
Learn Basic Tutorials   Grab Deal
Practice Programs in Online IDE   Grab Deal
Practice Hacker Coding Blocks   Grab Deal
Total Number of Coding Blocks Offers and Coupons - 47

T&Cs and more Info on Coding Blocks

Coding Blocks Online Courses

A stunning selection of online courses are offered by them to help you at every stage of your career. Some of these include Interview Prep Bootcamp, Interview Prep Course, Launchpad - C++ (Basic to Advanced), ALGO++ (Advanced DS & ALGO In C++), Java (DS & ALGO), Advanced DS & ALGO, Java, Web Development (NODEJS), Competitive Programming, Machine Learning, Android Dev (Java & Kotlin), Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced and Deep Learning 01 - Neural Networks. If you are a prospective coder, this is perfect to cruise you effortlessly through your internships and job opportunities at top companies. Your foundation will be set to perfection here. For experienced coders, it is highly effective to learn new technologies and implement them in a short period of time. Moreover, the more you learn, the better are your chances of growth!

Coding Blocks Live Classes

Live classes are highly popular today and this replicates the experience of actually being in a classroom with your favourite teachers while also giving you the convenience of your own space! The schedules, timings, mentors and more are the same as any actual classroom course, but this can be taken without going to the centre! You can get your doubts cleared as well and interact with the trainers and other students. Now, if you cannot attend one of these live classes, you could even go back and watch each session, recorded for later reference. Live classes cover a wide range of subjects including DS & ALGO With C++, DS & ALGO with Java, Data Science, NODEJS Fullstack Web, Interview Preparation, Live ALGO.Java - Data Structures & Algorithms - Apr 2020 and Live ALGO++ Apr 2020. Please share this Coding Blocks Coupon page with your friends and your socilal media profiles.

Coding Blocks Classroom Training

Under classroom training, they have courses for all levels, combining theory with implementation! Their menu of courses are meant for all levels and ages of people and this includes topics such as Industrial Training, Code4Kids, Mathsgeeks, C++ For Beginners / Launchpad, Java for Beginners / CRUX, Python App Development, Android Fullstack Web (NODEJS), Web Development (Django - Python), Web Backend (Advanced Java), Unity Game Development, ALGO++, ALGO. Java, Machine Learning, Data Science, Competitive Programming, Interview Preparation and more. There are also various bootcamps offered on subjects like REACTJS, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Angular, Game Development and Open Source.

About Company

Coding Blocks, an online software training classroom started in 2014, offers you a complete array of programming and coding courses that strive to equip you with superlative coding skills facilitating excellence in any IT-related profession. The quality of coders demanded in real-time industry scenarios is often way more than what is generated through conventional education. Keeping this in mind, it brings to you holistic, practical and interactive training that is also current and comprehensive. They further have a fantastic team of qualified teachers, administrators and seasoned developers with a collective experience of over 55 years in teaching globally. And with over 20 different courses across categories and methodologies, anyone, young or old, and who is keen, could benefit. You can either take their classroom training at one of the 6 centres in Delhi NCR & Punjab or go for online programs, bootcamps and webinars that could be learnt at your own place.

Corporate Address

1st Floor, 47, Nishant Kunj,
Main Pitampura Road
Delhi, India 110034
Website: https://codingblocks.com/

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