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Cosmesis India Offers in Bengaluru

Get Scarless Hair Transplants for Rs.25,000 to Rs.28,000 less from Cosmesis India, Bangalore

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Cosmesis India located in 4 cities and headquartered in Bangalore offers Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetology services.

Here are two amazing Hair Transplant Offers:

OFFER 1 : Rs. 38999 for 1000 grafts. (Actual Price Rs. 65000 + taxes)
OFFER 2 : Rs. 48999 for 1500 grafts. (Actual Price Rs. 78000 +taxes)

*Each follicular unit may have 2/3/4 hairs

FREE 1 PRP session for hair with each transplant

Personalized plan for you
Restore hair & Self-esteem
Safe, permanent & affordable
NO scar, NO cuts, NO stitches
Natural blending of hairline & grafts
The surgeon will locate the best follicles from the back of the head from the safe zone. These will be transferred to the bald areas.
The extracted follicles are transferred to the front of the head giving a natural hairline. Donor scars hardly seen after 1 week
Follicles having 2/3/4 hairs are extracted without cuts using small punches less than 1mm

Call for Appointment or more details: 080-25575052, 91-99457-80075, 1800-200-3755

Cosmesis India India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on Cosmesis India

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Cosmesis India offers Cosmesis India 0 sales India Cosmesis India coupons

Body Contouring

Body Contouring involves surgical procedures to alter different parts of your body. At Cosmesis India, you can go for a variety of such surgeries including Liposuction, Lipocontouring, Breast Uplift, Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Buttock Enlargement and Calf Enlargement. These are all major surgeries and require adept surgeons to do it effectively. At Cosmesis, they have a great team of experts who will first discuss the pros and cons of each procedure before conducting the surgery. They have had a success rate that is incomparable.

Facial Contouring

Facial Contouring, a process undertaken to enhance or change features on your face, is probably the most popular these days. At Cosmesis, this includes Nose Reshaping, Lip Enlargement, Lip Reduction, Chin Enlargement, Cheek Implants, Fat Filling for Face, Bat Ear Correction and Double Chin Correction. All the procedures are safe, reliable and tested. So if you have any plans of doing one, Cosmesis India is your choice.

Hair Transplants

Cosmesis brings to you the perfect solution for safe, permanent and affordable hair transplants sans any scars, stitches or cuts. They help you restore your hair in such a manner that no-one can identify your original hairline or grafts. The process they follow is extensive and error-free. The surgeon locates the best follicles, ones having 2 to 4 hairs, from the back of the head and transfers them to the bald areas. They use small punches less than 1mm to avoid cuts. The scars are barely seen after a week and your hair looks absolutely stunning.

About Company

Cosmesis India, set up in the year 2003 in Bangalore, is a well-known Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa Centre offering a wide range of services including Body Contouring, Facial Contouring, Anti-ageing Treatments, Plastic Surgery, Liposuction and many other significant treatments. What makes Cosmesis India different is the fact that it strives to impart accurate information on procedures, its awareness and outcomes before a decision is made. They also ensure that these treatments are made available to all sections of the society through budget packages. With the newest of techniques in place and the most reliable of services, Cosmesis India has a client-base that is dedicated and ever-growing.

Corporate Address

Suite # 213, 2nd Floor EVA mall
60, Brigade Road
Bengaluru, India 560025
Website: http://www.cosmesisindia.com

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