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It is an online learning platform showcasing 4200+ courses & specializations, 15+ professional certifications and 20+ degrees & MasterTrack Certificates for you to pick from. They are 100% online and upon completion, you can earn a Certificate to validate your efforts. Coursera coupons are most sought after.

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Offers on Top Online Professional Programs at Coursera
Learn Basics of TensorFlow   Grab Deal
Learn Neural Networks and Deep Learning   Grab Deal
Artifical Intiligence For Everyone   Grab Deal
Learn Programming Algorithms   Grab Deal
Learn Machine Learning   Grab Deal
Learn Machine Learning with Python   Grab Deal
Machine Learning Using SAS Viya   Grab Deal
R Programming Language   Grab Deal
Introduction to Programming with MATLAB   Grab Deal
Data Analysis with Python   Grab Deal
Amazon Web Services Fundamentals   Grab Deal
Fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform   Grab Deal
Learn Site Reliability Engineering   Grab Deal
Skill Development Courses
Learn English   Grab Deal
The Science of Well-Being   Grab Deal
Financial Markets   Grab Deal
Hypothesis Testing in Public Health   Grab Deal
Learn Leadership and Management   Grab Deal
Courera Offers on Top Online Specializations Courses
Learn Phyton   Grab Deal
Learn Data Science   Grab Deal
Applied Data Science with Python   Grab Deal
Learn Business Foundations Specialization   Grab Deal
Learn Architecting with Google Compute Engine   Grab Deal
Learn Data Engineering, Big Data and Machine Learning   Grab Deal
Learn Excel to MySQL   Grab Deal
Learn Advanced Machine Learning    Grab Deal
Mathematics for Machine Learning   Grab Deal
Self-Driving Cars Specialization   Grab Deal
Deep Learning Specialization   Grab Deal
Blockchain Revolution   Grab Deal
Business Analytics   Grab Deal
Excel Skills for Business   Grab Deal
Digital Marketing   Grab Deal
Statistical Analysis with R for Public Health   Grab Deal
Learn Anatomy   Grab Deal
Managing Innovation and Design Thinking   Grab Deal
Foundations of Positive Psychology   Grab Deal
Coursera Offers on Online Certification Programs
Google IT Support Professional Certificate   Grab Deal
IBM Customer Engagement Specialist Professional Certificate   Grab Deal
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate   Grab Deal
IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate   Grab Deal
Machine Learning for Analytics MasterTrack Certificate   Grab Deal
Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization   Grab Deal
Construction Engineering and Management MasterTrack Certificate   Grab Deal
Coursera Offers on Online Degree Programs
Masters in Data Science   Grab Deal
Bachelor of Computer Science   Grab Deal
Computer Science and Engineering Degree   Grab Deal
Masters of Machine Learning and Data Science   Grab Deal
MBA and Business Degree Programs   Grab Deal
Masters in Electrical Engineering   Grab Deal
Masters in Public Health   Grab Deal
Total Number of Coursera Offers and Coupons - 52

T&Cs and more Info on Coursera

Professional Certificates

If you are on the lookout for a specific career of choice, you will find enough and more to pick from, online Coursera. Their catalogue of Professional Certificates from top companies and universities allow you to not only learn skillsets required, but also showcase it to likely future employers effectively. The courses are 100% online and it takes less than a year for you to master your subjects. Furthermore, you earn their certificate on completion which can be shared with prospective companies and employers too!

MasterTrack™ Certificates

It has a range of Master’s degree courses and these fall under the purview of MasterTrack™ Certificates. Here, a particular Master’s Program is split up into different modules and taught online, 100%. The training is interactive, with real-world projects and live instructions from industry experts. You can complete your full Master’s program here and earn a MasterTrack™ degree certificate from the concerned university as well. Don't forget to use Coursera coupon and save.

Online Degrees

You can pick from their list of world-class universities and study your favourite graduation course online with ease. Their degree courses are also module-based. And on completion of the entire course, a certificate from the university is granted. The process of taking your degree here is beneficial as it is flexible and can be completed at your personal pace and space. Get your own schedules & timelines made and aim for that accredited university bachelor or master’s degree that will help you kick-start your career with vigour!

About Company

Coursera, a leading online learning platform giving you access to over 200 top global universities and industry educators, offers you 4200+ courses & specializations, 15+ professional certifications and 20+ degrees & MasterTrack Certificates to choose from. Most of their courses, both free and paid, are 100% online and this includes on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, community discussions, quizzes, projects and more. Upon completion of your paid courses, you earn a Course Certificate that is shareable. You can learn here at your own pace and from wherever you are comfortable. Master skills in business analytics, graphic design, Python, IT, AI, cloud engineering, business, computer science and more effortlessly with them.

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