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Offer End Date Dec 31, 2021

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It is a well-known math training portal online. Their Curriculum is designed by experts from IITs & Cambridge University and teaching is imparted through experiential learning, workbooks, tab exercises and math puzzles.

Latest Cuemath Coupons and Offers on Online Maths Classes & Coding Classes

Cuemath Offers on Online Maths Live Classes
Book A Free Class   Grab Deal
Basic Package: 3 Months Duration. 2 Classes Per Week.8 Classes a Month   Grab Deal
Exper Pack: 10 Months Duration. 2 Classes Per Week.8 Classes a Month   Grab Deal
Intermediate Pack: 6 Months Duration. 2 Classes Per Week.8 Classes a Month   Grab Deal
Cuemath Offers on Maths Classes Grade wise
Grade-1   Grab Deal
Grade-2   Grab Deal
Grade-3   Grab Deal
Grade-4   Grab Deal
Grade-5   Grab Deal
Grade-6   Grab Deal
Grade-7   Grab Deal
Grade-8   Grab Deal
Grade-9   Grab Deal
Grade-10   Grab Deal
Cuemath Offers on Coding Classes Packages
Game Development via Block-based Coding. Grade 1-3   Grab Deal
App Development via Block-based Coding. Grades 4-8   Grab Deal
Game Development via Python. Grades 5-10   Grab Deal
Coding for Kids   Grab Deal
Cuemath Offers on Coding Classes for Kids
App Development   Grab Deal
Game Development   Grab Deal
Python Programming   Grab Deal
Grades 1-3 Coding   Grab Deal
Grades 4-6 Coding   Grab Deal
Grades 7-8 Coding   Grab Deal
Discounts on Maths Resources
Math Topics   Grab Deal
Math Worksheets   Grab Deal
Math Tips & Tricks   Grab Deal
Math Formula   Grab Deal
JEE Preparation   Grab Deal
JEE Main   Grab Deal
JEE Advanced   Grab Deal
CBSE Study Materials   Grab Deal
Discounts on NCERT Resources
NCERT Solutions   Grab Deal
Grade 7 NCERT   Grab Deal
Grade 9 NCERT   Grab Deal
Grade 10 NCERT   Grab Deal
Grade 11 NCERT   Grab Deal
Grade 12 NCERT   Grab Deal
Discounts on Maths Interactive Worksheets
Class 5 Worksheets   Grab Deal
Class 6 Worksheets   Grab Deal
Class 7 Worksheets   Grab Deal
Class 8 Worksheets   Grab Deal
Class 10 Worksheets   Grab Deal
Maths Activities   Grab Deal
Math Olympiad (IMO)   Grab Deal
Math Puzzle   Grab Deal
Math Teachers   Grab Deal
Home Tuitions   Grab Deal
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T&Cs and more Info on Cuemath


It brings to you the finest of math teachers in the country apart from 100% personalized classes and an efficient process of supporting students whether it is doubts or any other. Their live sessions are interactive and helps children get creative and intuitive. Only 6 students are allowed in a class making it easier to connect with teachers and understand concepts. Course packages vary from 3 to 10 months and this includes the Basic Pack, the Intermediate Pack and the Expert Pack. Depending on the package you pick, you get to enjoy a Math Diagnostic Test, Math + Coding Summer Camp, Mental Math App - 1-year access, the Back to School Pack, the Math Olympiad Prep Pack, Exam Prep Pack 1 - Half-yearly and Exam Prep Pack 2 – Final.


Coupling maths with coding is the perfect elixir to success these days! They bring to you online coding classes that are creative, innovative and fun. Students could use this as an opportunity to learn while having fun. Their curriculum includes multiple projects, personalized learning plans and more. Some of their offerings include Game Development via Block-based Coding, Game Development via Python, App Development via Block-based Coding, Web Development via HTML-CSS Javascript and Java (AP Computer Sci A). Use Cuemath Coupon to save.

About Company

Cuemath, a trusted online math training portal, offers students unique and interactive means of learning maths and exceling in it. Students here are trained for over an hour at a time by certified tutors through processes that promote visualization of concepts, building individual algorithms and mental models, inculcating the art of logical reasoning and experiential learning. The best part of this portal is that their classrooms limit the number of students to 6, allowing customized sessions and individual attention. Curriculum is designed by experts from IITs & Cambridge University and this includes workbooks, tab exercises and math puzzles. Apart from maths, they also bring to you coding classes online. Their tutors are spread across the country in states like Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and more.

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