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Dare 2 Escape Offers in Bengaluru

Rs.425 to Rs.449 on Escape Games at Dare 2 Escape, AECS Layout, Bengaluru.

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Dare2Escape is a provider of real escape games and has outlets in both Bangalore & Coimbatore. In each game, be it Dazzling Diamond Treasure, Abduction in Godown or Behind The Bars, you are locked into a themed room that offers well-hidden hints & clues to help you escape or accomplish a task within a specific time.

Rs.425 to Rs.449 on Escape Games at Dare 2 Escape, AECS Layout, Bengaluru.

Offer: Escape Game (60 Mins)
Actual Price: Rs.550
Discounted Price: Rs.425 on Weekdays and Rs.449 on Weekends

1. Behind The Bars (Team Size 3-8).
2. Dazzling Diamonds (Team Size 3-8).
3. Abduction in Godown (Team Size 7-14).
4. Prior Booking of Slot is Mandatory.
5. Valid for 1 Person.
6. This is a Group Activity.
7. Corporate Booking will not be Taken.

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Dare 2 Escape Address:
Plot #300, 1st Floor, Above Cloud 9, A Block, AECS Layout, Bengaluru - 560037

Dare 2 Escape India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on Dare 2 Escape

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Dazzling Diamond Treasure

This game is built on the premise that you are a well-known detective in town. You suspect a rich businessman of having stolen a diamond treasure but you have no proof to convict him of the crime. So, to accumulate evidence and find the treasure, you are required to break into his space. The catch is that this place has been triggered by a time bomb and you have exactly 60 minutes to find clues, get hold of the treasure and escape.

Abduction in Godown

Abduction in Godown is an interesting game wherein a few of your friends are kidnapped and locked up in a godown. The area is heavily guarded and getting in is close to impossible. You happen to identify a certain period of time in the night when the guards are not vigilant and that’s the only time you could get in and save your friends. You have exactly 1 hour to do so and if you fail, you too get locked up.

Behind The Bars

Behind The Bars assumes that you and your friends are a team of gangsters who have been caught and imprisoned. But there is a certain assignment that needs to be executed right away and hence an escape is imminent. Luckily for you, your boss (who himself escaped a few years ago) left clues to aid you in your task when the time came. A visitor passes on a slip of paper notifying that you have exactly 1 hour to escape and that there are clues that you could follow! If you do not successfully escape, you are moved into a more guarded cell and your important mission will be far from accomplished!

About Company

Dare2Escape, a leading provider of real escape games with outlets in Bangalore & Coimbatore, offers you the fun experience of breaking out of a situation or a room by solving puzzles & clues. They showcase a number of thematically designed rooms for you to choose from and this includes Dazzling Diamond Treasure, Abduction in Godown and Behind The Bars. In all these games, hints or clues are meticulously hidden for you to find within a stipulated time and this will eventually allow you to escape. Your effort must be to individually or as a team, accomplish your task as soon as you can. Use your creativity and brains to decipher codes and find loopholes. Even students, corporates, fun explorers and many such organizations, along with casual groups, consider this exercise perfect for team building or bonding.

Corporate Address

Plot #300, 1st Floor, Above Cloud 9,
A Block, AECS Layout,
Bengaluru, India 560037

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