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Golden Leaf Coupons in Bengaluru

Get 15% discount on Rs.1000 & above at Golden Leaf Restaurant, Bangalore

Save at Golden Leaf in Bengaluru with UPto75 Coupons.

Get 15% discount on Rs.1000 & above at Golden Leaf Restaurant in Hotel Elite Royal, HSR Layout Bangalore.

Price for Two without Alcohol: Rs.660
Basis for Cost: One Veg Starter, One Non-Veg Starter, 1 Main Course Dish, 4 Roti, Two Soups, Two Desserts.

For more details and reservations call:80-43370000, 9164209751

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Terms and Conditions

Discount applicable on a minimum bill of Rs.1000

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4. Once you are at Golden Leaf, present the coupon before the order is placed.

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You can enjoy a host of interesting and exquisite continental cuisines at the Golden Leaf Restaurant Bangalore. Be it Starters, Soups, Salads or Main Course cuisines, they have more than just a few for you to select from. Some of the unique names that you may wish to try out include Neptune Prawn Babylon, Darne of Kingfish, Mix Seafood Grill, Honey Roulade Poullet, Chicken Croissant London House, Fillet Steak Marina and Tenderloin Julliena in non-vegetarian. You can also try out their Mexican Vegetable Burrito, Cottage Cheese Steak with Italian Sauce and most popularly the Vegetarian Pastas. You can opt for Fettuccini, Spaghetti or Penne and spice it up with the right sauces and toppings.

Chinese and Thai

The most preferred Chinese and Thai cuisines are available at the Golden Leaf Restaurant Bangalore for you to experiment. Vegetarian delights like the Pad Pik Kar Pak, Pad Lun Mit Cap Nga, Diced Beancurd with Assorted Veggies, Shredded Mushroom with Sprout Beans and Bamboo Shoot, Braised Eggplant and Thai Veg Green Curry are recommended for the pure Veggies. In Non veg, they have the Paa Pad Namman Hoy, Pla Tod Lard Prik, Choo Chee Goong, Koong Pad Prik, Pannang Kai, Stir fried Chicken With Black bean Pepper Sauce, Slice Lamb With Fungus, Lamb Dumpling With Pokchoi, Shredded Beef With Bell Pepper and Roast Beef Cantonese. Combine these with Rice or Noodles to get the perfect blend of flavours.


Golden Leaf Restaurant Bangalore offers you the all-time favourite Kebabs in various flavours to begin with. And then comes the main course curries. Apart from various forms of Dal, you also find somegreat dishes like Kadhai Jingha, Dahiwali Khada Pomphret, Murgh Methi Kundan, Laal Maas, Paneer Tikka Lababdar, Mutte Methi Malai, Khumb Aur Makkai Ki Masala and Diwani Handi. You can side them up with various kinds of Rice or Rotis.

Golden Leaf Details

Golden Leaf, a multi-cuisine restaurant at The Elite Royale, HSR Layout Bangalore brings to you a grand feast of Indian, Chinese and Continental Cuisines, both a-la-carte and buffet. The Golden Leaf restaurant has a barbeque theme and is designed to perfection. Subtle yet colourful interiors give the place a contemporary feel not forgetting the worth of comfort! You will find a good variety of cuisines at Golden Leaf Restaurant including starters, soups, salads, main course specials, drinks, desserts and more.

Golden Leaf Corporate Address

#14, 9th Main, 13th Cross, 6th Sector,
HSR Layout
Bengaluru, India 560034

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