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Here are two attractive packages from Healing Touch, Pune:

Package 1: Get Rs.2000 worth of Shirodhara, Abhyangam & more at Rs.499.

Package 2: Get Rs.1000 worth of Shirodhara and Ayurvedic consultation at Rs.375.

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Shiro-Dhara, one of the most popular forms of Ayurvedic treatments, is ideal for a range of conditions including sinusitis, some allergies, psoriasis, eye diseases, greying of hair, neurological disorders, memory loss, insomnia, hearing impairment and vertigo among others. In this, a particular kind of oil is poured out of a copper vessel on to the middle of your forehead, also known to be the ‘Third Eye’. Massage is also performed on your head, shoulder and face to help you relax and loosen the muscles. The entire process is ideal for normalized blood flow, better memory and much more.


Abhyanga is a therapy that uses warm, herbal and treated oils to massage your entire body. Oils used vary depending on the need. This treatment is great to get rid of harmful toxins accumulated in your body tissues. It also facilitates better flexibility in your joints, a healthier nervous system and total relief from stress. Abhyanga is one of the most basic treatments that can benefit anyone and everyone.


Apart from Shiro-Dhara and Abhyanga, the Healing Touch also offers you a number of other popular and effective treatments including the Panchakarma, Ayurvedic Facial, Udvartana, Ayurvedic Body Wrap, Netra Basti, Kati Basti or Greeva Basti or Uro Basti, Ksheer-Dhara, Steam Swedana, Pinda Swedana, Pizichil, Foot Reflexology, Basti, Nasya, Weight Management and Nutrition. Based on your need, your condition or ailment, you can choose the treatment. If you wish to know what is best for you, they have a fine consultant team who would help you select the therapy that would best serve your purpose.

About Company

The Healing Touch, an Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Pune, offers you a wide range of therapies that rejuvenate and refresh you. Treatments provided include Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Abhyanga, Shiro-Dhara, Foot Reflexology and Aroma Therapy, Ayurvedic Skin & Beauty Care, Weight Management Programs, Wellness Coaching and Yoga among others. You will also find a broad range of Natural Skin Care Products and Health Foods on their online store. All products used by them in your therapies including oils and herbal products are natural and devoid of artificial colouring or chemicals. Service is also outstanding and they offer personalized treatments.

Corporate Address

Dr. Sangita Shinde Lotus Arena, Office No. 103
1st floor, Old Mundhwa Road, Vadgaon Sheri, Pune
Pune, India 411014

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