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Desi Tattoos Coupons in Pune

20% Discount on 5 inches or Above Tattoos at Desi Tattoos in Karve Nagar, Pune.
Offer End Date Feb 28, 2020

Save at Desi Tattoos in Pune with UPto75 Coupons.

Desi Tattoos is a Tattoo Centre in Pune. They offer permanent and temporary tattoo services with a menu of beautiful designs and styles, apart from customized ones.

20% Discount on 5 inches or Above Tattoos at Desi Tattoos in Karve Nagar, Pune.

Offer: For 5 Inch Tattoo - Rs.500 per Sq inch
Actual Price: Rs.2500
Discounted Price: Rs.2000

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2) The email coupon will have the address and phone numbers of Desi Tattoos.
3) Call up the respective Desi Tattoos Studio for an Appointment and announce the Coupon.
4) Present the coupon before taking the service.
5) Pay the Discounted Price at the Desi Tattoos Centre directly.
6) For any issue before taking the service, please call UPto75.com Support Number: +91-8008887500

Desi Tattoos Address:
Lane No. 4, Shahu Colony, Karve Nagar, Pune - 411052

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2. Before you visit Desi Tattoos, please check with Desi Tattoos, if you have any questions regarding the offer.
3. In case of coupon not being honored, contact UPto75.com Support.
4. Once you are at Desi Tattoos, present the coupon before the order is placed.

Desi Tattoos Details

Desi Tattoos, a significant Tattoo Studio started in 2013 in Pune, offers you a fantastic menu of tattoo services, both permanent and temporary. Their catalogue is robust with the finest of designs and a lot of styles to choose from. Be it inscribing a name on you, drawing an image that excites you or even painting a portrait of the person you revere, Desi Tattoos accomplishes it for you meticulously and in style. What makes them safe, along with talent, is the fact that they ensure usage of disposable equipment as well as colours that do not impact your skin negatively. Hygiene is extremely important to Desi Tattoos and so is your well-being.

Desi Tattoos Corporate Address

Lane No. 4, Shahu Colony, Karve Nagar,
Pune, India 411052

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Desi-Tattoos-223929014436450/

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