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Pay only Rs.5153 against Rs.40331 for TOEFL 50 Hours Course from Cambridge Institute, Spain.

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Online course Preparation for TOEFL IBT (Internet Based Test).

Cambridge Institute is a private center, specialized in language teaching and with a great deal of experience in this sector. It is an associated center to the University of Cambridge International Examinations, and British Council Attached Center (CIE) nº ES505. In addition, Cambridge Institute is an authorized center as exams venue by test center ES383 and University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES).

In 3 months learn enough English to crack the TOEFL.

Benefits of the TOEFL Program:

Study at your own pace, without timetables. You just need a computer with Internet connection.
Unbeatable price
The best technology eLearning platform.
Reading and Listening parts are automatically corrected by the system. All listening passages will come with a transcript that can be consulted by the student at any time.
Writing and speaking tasks are corrected by a tutor and the student will receive the correction along with feedback on their performance.
In order to do the speaking tasks, students must have a microphone, so they can record their answers and submit them to the tutors.

Steps to enrol for the TOEFL course:

1) Make payment of 5153 INR here..
Please enter the amount and click the “continue” button. Then click “Pay” and you will be redirected to Caja Duero´ payment page, where you will need to enter your card details.

2) Send your payment receipt and TOEFL course details to : a.koriwal@institutocambridge.org

3) Fill out this form before 12th July 2013 and mention the UPto75 coupon here:

- Payment needs to be done before 12th July 2013.
- Certification provided (by email) with an additional surcharge of 680 INR.
- TOEFL Course starts on: July 19th 2013
- Your login and course guide will be emailed the day you start the course.

For enquiries please email: a.koriwal@institutocambridge.org
Company website: http://www.cambridgeinstitute.net/en/
T&Cs and more Info on Cambridge Institute Spain

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  1. If you see Orange Colored Button above, click on it. Fill the form and get the voucher to either your email or mobile.
  2. The other way is to click on "Show PromoCode" link. You will be taken to a page where the voucher code is displayed. Copy it and enter it on Cambridge Institute Spain online shopping site when you purchase the product(s).
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Cambridge Institute Spain offers Cambridge Institute Spain 0 sales India

Why Cambridge for TOEFL Preparation

Cambridge Institute offers one of the best courses for students preparing for TOEFL. They have, after years of experience and extensive research, created course material that involves strong theoretical content and intensive skill-building exercises that encapsulate all types of questions that could be a part of their main test. The course material is customized and based on the students’ levels of knowledge and desired pace. Their course is 100% result oriented and proven.

Course Content

• Grammar reference – Although the TOEFL does not test grammar directly, a good command of grammatical rules is essential to produce quality texts in the writing part and to speak accurately and coherently in the speaking part. So, our course will offer a set of important grammar topics thoroughly explained and exemplified.

• Writing reference – Here the student will be able to see and understand the structure of the two writing tasks of the TOEFL, with tips on how to write good texts.

• Multi-word Verbs list – Our students will receive a comprehensive list of multi-word verbs that will be useful not only in the TOEFL exam but also to improve English knowledge in general.

• Test Format and Overview – A thorough explanation of each part of the exam, including how to calculate scores, so students will understand exactly what to expect on the day of the test.

• Tips to prepare for TOEFL – Practical tips to help students develop the necessary skills for the exam, such as how to take notes during the listening, how to make a study plan, how to learn more vocabulary and other useful advice.

• Students will receive 7 complete tests, including reading, listening, speaking and writing, meaning students will have approximately 30 solid hours of test training.

About Company

Cambridge Institute, a renowned private language teaching centre, offers online training in English and Spanish. They focus equally on all aspects of language including Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Students also receive personalized lesson plans tailored to their level and goals. Cambridge Institute trains students for International exams. They are also a certified test/ associated centre for a number of prestigious institutions recognized worldwide like the British Council, University of Cambridge and TOIEC. With a success rate of 95%, Cambridge Institute is adjudged one of the leading language educators in the country today.

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