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Thyrocare Coupons - Aarogyam C

Thyrocare Offers: Aarogyam C Package Price Rs.1170. 59 Tests.

Offer End Date Nov 30, 2020

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Aarogyam C is an awesome Health Checkup profile. The package has 59 important tests and at a very low offer price of Rs.1170.

Thyrocare Book Test Form
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For any HELP, please Call: +91-9550407878.

Aarogyam C Health Checkup Package:
Number of Tests: 59 important ones for each person.
Regular Price: Rs.1700 per person
Offer Price: Rs.1170.

Aarogyam C Thyrocare Health Checkup - List of 59 tests.
  • Liver Function (LFT) - (11)
  • Lipid Profile (Cholesterol) - (8)
  • Renal Profile (Kidney Function - KFT) - (5)
  • Thyroid (T3, T4, TSH) - (3)
  • Iron Deficiency - (3)
  • Diabetic Screen - (2)
  • Complete Blood Picture (Hemogram) - (24)
  • Vitamin D (25-OH Vitamin D Total)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Testosterone.

    You may add Complete Urine Analysis to make this a more comprehensive checkup. The cost will be additional Rs.285 per person.

    Click for Aarogyam C Parameters. Note: File will download

    How do I order the Thyrocare Package Aarogyam C?
    Step 1:Book your test by F I L L I N G U P T H E F O R M. Note: Link opens in a New TAB
    If Form is not opening, then email us to support@upto75.com Test Name, Name of the Person(s), Age, Gender, Mobile Number, Email Id, Address, Pincode and if a hard copy is needed.
    Step 2: Thyrocare Lab will call you on the contact number provided in less than 5 business hours to book an appointment.
    Step 3: The Laboratory will send its technician for doorstep sample collection..
    Step 4: Technician will come to your home. Pay Rs.1170 then.
    Step 5: Reports will be emailed to you in 48 hrs. For hardcopy pay extra Rs.75. Reports will be sent to you by courier in 5 days time.

    Things Required for Health Checkup Profile::
    Blood Sample.
    10-12 Hrs of Fasting required.

    Contact Numbers For Help:
    If you have difficulty in filling up the form please call +91-9550407878 .
    If Prescription is not clear, please Whatsapp it to :+91-8008887500

    Click here for Entire List of Thyrocare Packages and Tests.
    Note: A Google Sheet will open

    Technicians Self-Hygiene

    Collection done with the following preventive measures:
  • Temperature Check before leaving for Collection
  • Hand Sanitization
  • Gloves and Face Masks
  • Self Assessment with help of Aarogya Setu App
    Where are the centres located? Where can I go and give the sample?
    It has 4 Testing Laboratories in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad. It has collection centres in more than 500 cities and towns. You can go to either those collection centres or use Home service provided by them.

    Home Sample Collection? How does the whole process work?
    Yes. You got to first book an appointment. Once it is fixed, their technicians will visit you within plus or minus 30 minutes range of the time given. The samples are couriered on the same day by the service provider to the nearest centre. The laboratory will email you the reports typically in 24-60 hours.

    What about the printed copy of the reports?
    If you need the same then you got to pay Rs.75 for each order. The laboratory will courier the same within 4 to 5 days from the date results are generated.

    How trustworthy are these test reports?
    It is a NABL Certified Lab. NABL is the highest certification one can receive in India. It is in this business for close to 18 years. It is a Bombay Stock Exchange listed company. It does more than 50000 investigations daily.

    Why are the Prices so low?
    Good Question. The simple reason being their overhead costs are very low. It processes large volume daily. They work 24x7 all days. Its utilization of their machines is maximum. The process is totally automated at their and because of which costs are low.

    Would my samples get mixed with somebody else?
    No. All are barcoded right immediately.

    Can I book for the same day?
    No. You got to book at least one day before. If you want to give your blood on the same day, then please go to the nearest centre in your city.

    Can I get an appointment on Sunday?
    Yes and No. Appointments are given on Sunday in all major cities and towns where couriers work.

    Does it work on Holidays in my city?
    Yes. If the courier that it uses works on that Holiday.

    I am from a small town. How long before I need to book?
    If you are in a small town then we advise you to book at least 3 days before.

    How early I get an appointment?
    Slots start as early as 5.30 AM.

    I need to get the reports on urgent basis by tomorrow? I have an appointment with Doctor tomorrow?
    No. There is no separate process for urgent ones. All will go through the same queue. If you need a test report on immediate basis, we advise you to get done through a local reputed laboratory.

    Where can I get the their Pricelist?
    Please click on the link above - List of All Packages and Tests Prices. We tried to give the most important ones. A google sheet opens and it lists all currently available ones along with their prices. These prices may get updated very frequently. Get to know the exact price before you book.

    How do I book a Test?
    Please fill up the Booking Form above to avail Thyrocare Offers. You can choose the ones that you are interested in. You may also choose Individual ones too.

    Or you can club a profile with mulitple individual blood tests.

    Then what happens?
    An order gets generated. You will get an EMail and SMS. And also an online payment link.
    Then in typically in 4 to 6 business hours, you may get a call from Call Centre to fix up a convenient time.
    Or it may assign the technician automatically without talking to you.
    You will get the details such a visit date and time, the technician name and number.
    You may call the technician to double check the time of visit and if he is clear on driving directions.

    I have a Thyrocare Coupon, how do I use it?
    You can call us up. We generally try to give a better price than the coupon

    I would like to make changes to Order I placed?
    Yes, you can. But please let us know a few hours in advance by making a call before the slot time.

    Later, Can I add one more person to Thyrocare Profile I have chosen?
    Yes, provided you call us at the time or before the executive visits you.

    I go very early to the office? Is it possible to arrange the pickup from my office?
    Yes, in that case give your workplace address. But, please ensure that the technician is allowed in the office. Please note that technician maybe unwilling to provide the service at most of the offices as they are required to go through unnecessary hassles and take lot of time.

    How do I make the payment?
    You have two options. You can make payment online through the payment link sent to your email and mobile. We advise you to wait till the confirmation is received for you to make the payment. Other option is to make payment once the technician is at your place. You can pay him through Cash, or to PAYTM account (not the technician account) or through online payment link.

    Do I get a Receipt for the Payment made?
    Yes. It will be emailed to you.

    I need a hardcopy of the Receipt. Will it be provided?
    No. Only softcopies are sent. If you require the hardcopy the Service Provider may give from their end. Please check with them.

    Will I get tax benefits by getting this tested?

    Do I get a Consultation from them once the reports are ready?
    No. It does not provide any consultation. You have to consult your Doctor for the same. However, most of the Thyrocare Reports are self-explanatory. All Reports carry the individual test results and the normal value range for the same. If any result is out of the normal range, those results are highlighted in bold in the report.

    Are Thyrocare Offers available for Couple?
    Yes. On and off. They maybe one plus one deal or the prices will be reduced if there is more than one person.

    How long the deals will be applicable?
    The company believes in giving you the best rates possible. Not to worry, the deals will continue to run.

    What is so special with this test Thyrocare Aarogyam C package?
    It has 59 important ones including two Vitamins. And no other laboratory provides so many at such low prices.

    If I add Urine Analysis to this package, will the technician bring the container as well?
    T&Cs and more Info on Thyrocare
    Thyrocare offers

    Thyrocare Aarogyam C vs 1.3

    Both these health checkups are nearly same. 1.3 has additionally 5 more parameters - Homocysteine, Pancreatic (2) and Electrolytes (2). The C package is pure value for money. 59 tests for Rs.1000. The rates get lower for 2 or more people.

    Aarogyam C vs 20Y

    20Y is a One Plus One Offer. It has 72 parameters. It costs Rs.2400 for 2 people. Thought it is a very good 1+1 Deal, Aarogyam C is equally good. It differs from 20Y in that it does not have 9 toxic elements covered. For a couple this profile costs less than 20Y. Don't forget to share this discount page on your social media accounts so that your friends and family members benefit from them.

    Thyrocare Locations

    It has 4 testing labs in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata. It has collection centres in these near me big cities Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Lucknow, Noida, Pune and Tier 1 & II cities such as Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Coimbatore, Faridabad, Indore, Nagpur, Patna, Vadodara, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, etc). It is easy to use book test online and avail thyrocare offers.

    About Company

    Thyrocare Technologies Limited is a proven leader in the Indian Diagnostic Industry. Started by A. Velumani in 1995 in Navi Mumbai is now public listed company. It has established benchmarks in standards of quality through a unique blend of economy, speed, reach, efficiency, accuracy and technology. It has presence in more than 2000 cities / towns in India and internationally. Currently it has regional processing labs in Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata and with a Central Processing Lab in Mumbai. It uses a franchisee model for procuring samples with a network of more than 20,000 service centres around the country. It was instrumental in making world class diagnostic services available in every nook and corner of the country. Tthey render their services at costs that anyone and everyone can afford.It has certifications from ISO 9001-2008, NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) and College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditations.

    Things Happening at Thyrocare

    27.Mar-2020: First Private Diagnostic Lab to be approved by ICMR for Covid 19 testing
    17.Feb-2020: Launches blood-based cancer screening profile
    01.07-2016: Plans to launch 6 Regional Processing Laboratories.
    09.05-2016: Gets publicly listed with maiden IPO
    04.05-2015: Forays into water testing services with brand name Whaters.
    16.06-2014: Gets into cancer diagnostics with Nueclear Healthcare.
    14.03-2014: Acquires Aptio automation solution of Siemens
    2007: Certified by The College of American Pathologists (CAP) for meeting global standards of quality and competence
    2005: Accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) for the global standards of Quality

    Corporate Address

    D-37/1, MIDC, Turbhe, Opp Sandoz, Navi Mumbai
    Mumbai, India 400703
    Phone Number: 91-22-27622762

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