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T20 Offer - Buy One Get One FREE on Hard Liquors at Oyster Bay.

Offer starts from 3rd April 2013.
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If you are searching for the best seafood in Bangalore, here is an option you should definitely consider. Oyster Bay is a restaurant and bar that offers the best from the sea including delicacies like the Seafood Medallion and Jewels of the sea. The seafood at Oyster Bay is awesomely fresh and totally hygienic. Most importantly, it is a place not just for the non-vegetarians but also the vegetarians. The dishes are Indian but given a global touch so that anyone and everyone can enjoy it. They use the cold chain infrastructure and processing expertise of Penver Products Pvt Ltd, a leading seafood processor based in Kerala.


The interiors of Oyster Bay were created after a lot of conceptualization and thinking. The model integrates architecture with art, technology, light and most importantly, the spirit of the place. Hence the ambience is a spectacular blend of everything from food and drinks to the ambience, service and coziness of the restaurant.

Health Information

Oyster Bay has a load of information to share with you like the Chef’s Health Page that tells you what kind of food is good and bad for your wellbeing. They also have a lot of content on food safety and challenges when it comes to food. So if you are looking for ways to cook delicious food that do not cause you trouble later on, go through this information. You can then cook the tastiest of food for your family to make them happy and yet be sure that things are in control!

About Company

Oyster Bay is arguably one of the best seafood restaurants in Bangalore. for more than one reason. A casual dining seafood restaurant, designed in a chic, rustic ambience by a French-Canadian architect, the Oyster Bay has a bar attached, to make the experience a heady and spirited one for those who prefer it that way. Apart from its culinary expertise and range of its desired specialty which is seafood, the Oyster Bay also has access to modern food processing infrastructure which adds to the ultimate taste. The Oyster Bay chain specializes and excels in multi cuisine sea food, global with an Indian twist, and has the luxury of an excellent cold chain infrastructure and world class food processing expertise to back it. No wonder customers gorge on an entire range of seafood and experience fine delicacies such as the Sea Food Medallion and Jewels of the Sea. If you are a sea food lover, you must visit the Oyster Bay and experience the delicious taste of seafood at its best.

Corporate Address

Ground Floor, Cygnus Chambers,
Jyothi Nivas College Road, Koramangala,
Bengaluru, India 560095
Website: http://www.oysterbay.co.in/

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