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Dr Batras BTrim Coupons - Weight Management Programme

Dr Batras BTrim session worth Rs.3,500 now only for Rs.199

Get Dr Batras BTrim Coupons - Weight Management Programme

1) One can lose upto 1 kg & 5 cm in a single session of Btrim which would last for 45 minutes.
2) This session is performed in 3 phases which improves blood circulation & increases nutrient and oxygen supply to body. It breaks down the fat tissues and produces new collagen and elastic fibers which reduces sagging and results in tighter and smoother skin.

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Btrim Weight Management Programme:
Dr Batra’s® BTrim is a Weight Management programme which not only helps in fat loss but is completely void of side effects, and is ‘Scientifically proven, Safe & Sure’. BTrim offers a unique 'Fab 5' holistic approach that is the 1st of its kind in India. Btrim programme combines seamlessly with treatments of patients suffering from Hypothyroid, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and other metabolic disorders and helps you to gain back good health and confidence. Btrim can be recommended to all who are overweight, with or without medical conditions.

Fab 5 Approach :
BTrim offers a unique 'Fab 5' holistic approach that is the 1st of its kind in India:
1. Passive Lipolysis - For fat loss, body toning and skin tightening
2. Balanced Nutrition - For a healthy way of eating
3. Lifestyle Guidance - For achieving the fitness goal
4. Wonders of Homeopathy - For helping to improve body metabolism
5. Personal Care Regime - For helping you sustain the achievement, ever after

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Dr Batras BTrim Details

Dr Batra’s® is a name synonymous with excellence and commitment in the Healthcare sector. Today with a network of over 225 clinics in 120 cities of India, we are backed by more than 375 expert doctors and supported with latest technology. Dr Batra’s® has created a distinct place for itself in the field of healthcare. Dr Batra’s® Aesthetic Solutions is an array of scientific solutions for Hair Loss Control, Hair Growth, Hair Restoration, Skin Care and Weight Management. Spreading it’s wings beyond India, Dr Batra’s® has now gone global. There are clinics in London, Dubai & Dhaka providing health services to millions of people all over the world. It is Dr Batra’s® constant endeavor to ideate and innovate in order to serve clients in a way that is best suited for them.

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