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Dr Guri Skin Clinic Offers in Gurgaon

Free Skin Checkup and 25% OFF on Skin Treatments at Dr.Guri Skin Clinic in Gurgaon (5 Locations).

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Dr. Guri Skin Clinics is a chain of skin and hair care clinics and has branches across Gujarat, Haryana and Delhi. Dr Guri Clinics treatments include Anti-Aging, Anti-Pimple, Anti-Cellulite, Figure Correction, Stretch Mark Reduction, Laser Hair Reduction, Hair Stimulation & much more.

Free Skin Checkup and 25% Discount on Skin Treatments at Dr.Guri Skin Clinic in Gurgaon ( 5 Locations).

Offer 1: Free Skin checkup

Offer 2: 25% Discount on Below Treatments
1. Laser Hair Reduction - Actual Prices:
Chin: Rs.500 per Session
Upper lip: Rs.500 per Session
Full Face: Rs.2000 per Session
2. Laser Treatment of Acne Scar - Fraxel Laser: Rs.3000 per Session
3. Laser Photo Facial: Rs.1000 per Session
4. Laser Tattoo Removal: Rs. 3000 per Session
5. Laser Pigmentation Treatment: Rs.2000 per Session
6. Stretch Mark Laser Treatment: Rs.5000 per Session
7. Chemical Peel: Rs.1000 per Session.
8. Microdermabrasion: Rs.1000 per Session
9. Mole and Wart Removal: Rs.500 per Mole/Wart
10. PRP Therapy for Hair Re-growth: Rs.3000 per Session
11. Hair Transplantation: Rs.40,000 per Session

Additional Services Available:
1: Anti Aging Treatment
2: Anti Wrinkles Treatment
3 :Anti Cellulite Treatment
Note: Actual Prices Ranges from (Rs.3000-Rs.10,000) - Depending on the Skin Type.

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Dr Guri Skin Clinic India Addresses and Location
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Dr Guri Skin Clinic offers Dr Guri Skin Clinic 0 sales India Dr Guri Skin Clinic coupons

Skin Treatments

A broad range of Skin Treatments are offered at Dr. Guri Venus Clinics which include Removal of Acne & Scars, Skin Texture Correction and Anti- Stretch Mark Treatment. All kinds of skin flaws caused by factors not in your control can now be taken care of with non-invasive and quick techniques. Acne, viral rashes, hormonal imbalances, sun tan, ageing spots, freckles, open & dilated pores, fine lines, ageing lines, skin laxity & slack skin, wrinkles & neck lines, altered skin tone, dyschromia and a lot more come under this. Dr. Guri Venus Clinics have a team of specialists who assess you, diagnose you and then recommend solutions that are best suited to counter your condition.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser treatments are the most popular for their ease and effectiveness. At Dr. Guri Venus Clinics, you can avail the Venus Versa Laser Hair Reduction Treatment which is both painless, and fast. You can get rid of unwanted bodily hair while maintaining a smooth and silky skin texture. They use the All-new Ultra Quick Square Pulse with Turbo Charger for your hair reduction massage. This is a safe and effective process and takes less than a 1 minute per forearm to clear you of all hair. Please share Dr Guri Skin Clinic discount coupon page on your social media profiles.


Apart from Skin and Laser Treatments, you can also check out Dr. Guri Venus Clinics’ Weight Management Procedures. The Anti-Cellulite Treatment that gets rid of Cellulites as well as the Circumferential Reduction Treatment to eliminate stubborn and resistant fat are popular. Dr Guri Clinics also have a Hair Stimulation Treatment to stop hair fall and increase growth. All these techniques are quick, painless and totally safe.

About Company

Dr. Guri Venus Clinics, a chain of skin and hair care clinics in the country with branches in Gujarat, Haryana and Delhi, offers you a complete scale of treatments including Anti-Aging, Anti-Pimple, Anti-Cellulite, Figure Correction, Stretch Mark Reduction, Laser Hair Reduction, Hair Stimulation & more at affordable rates. All their procedures are non-Invasive, painless, swift and effective. Results are, as displayed by previous records, guaranteed as well. They showcase a team of specialists that consist of medical consultants, clinical consultants and medical trainers who ensure that your job at Dr. Guri Venus Clinics is well done. They also have a selection of Loyalty Programs for you to choose from.

Corporate Address

874, Saraswati Vihar, Near MG Road Metro Station
Gurgaon, India 122001
Website: http://www.guriskinclinic.com/

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