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Dr Parekhs Homoeopathy and Nutrition Clinic Coupons in Pune

Up to 62% Discount on Weight Loss Treatments at Dr Parekhs Homoeopathy and Nutrition Clinic, Pune.

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With the help of nutritionally balanced eating plans customised according to your weight goals, physical activity and likes and dislikes; Dr Parekh helps you shed extra weight in the most easiest, natural and permanent manner. You would be amazed to see how simple changes in your eating pattern can transform your body in a matter of weeks.

Up to 62% Discount on Weight Loss Treatments at Dr Parekhs Homoeopathy and Nutrition Clinic in Wanowrie & Undri, Pune.

Offer: 5 KG Weight Loss Treatment.
Actual Price: Rs.2600
Discounted Price: Rs.999

Offer 2: 1 Month Weight Loss Package (Up to 5 KGS, 4 Consultations)
Offer valid only once per User and No Extension
Original Price: Rs.2300
Discounted Price: Rs.899

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Dr Parekhs Homoeopathy and Nutrition Clinic Address:
Clinic 1 : Krishna Clinic, Parmar park 1, 1st floor, office no 110, Opp Janseva Bank, Wanowrie, Pune 411040
Clinic 2: Vimal Polyclinic, Mahalaxmi Vihar, 1st floor, office no 6, Above Baker's spot, Undri, Pune 411028

Click here for Dr.Parekh's Homoeopathy and Nutrition Clinic Website - www.homoeonutri.com

Dr Parekhs Homoeopathy and Nutrition Clinic India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on Dr Parekhs Homoeopathy and Nutrition Clinic

Terms and Conditions

1. Weight Loss will be achieved purely through Personalized Diet Planning. We do not Propagate Starvation, Diet Pills or any Unnatural Therapies.
2. Exercise Planning can be Done, if the Patient Desires.
3. The Contract Ends when the Patient Achieves 5 KG Weight Loss from the Date of his 1st Consultation.
4. Consultations may be held Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly, as per the Doctor's Discretion.
5. Failure of the Patient to Turn up for Scheduled Appointments without Informing the Doctor will Result in a Breach of Contract.
6. Maximum validity of the offer remains for 6 months from the date of 1st consultation.
7. The Offer is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.
8. This Offer can be availed only once by an Individual.

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Dr Parekhs Homoeopathy and Nutrition Clinic coupons

Weight Loss & Gain

The Weight Loss diet plan at Homoeonutri is well-balanced and focuses on the right kind of food and quantities to be taken at the right time. Their diets are not restrictive. So you can enjoy all your favourite food without letting them take you over and storing unnecessary body fat on your body. A typical plan in weight loss at Homoeonutri includes a customized primary diet plan in sync with your food preferences & working schedules, weekly or fortnightly follow-ups, revised diet plans based on progress and exercise planning. They will also send you a range of healthy recipes and health-based newsletters to keep you motivated. It’s the same with Weight Gain too. You can choose your plan and count on them to transform you effortlessly into the gorgeous self you always wanted to be!


Apart from Weight Management, Homoeonutri also brings to you a wide array of other treatments including those for Cholesterol, Diabetes, Immunity and more. What makes them special is the fact that they give personalized attention to all patients, irrespective. The latest and the best in techniques and technologies are adopted and knowledge assimilation is a mandatory & continuous process out here. They also save you a lot of time and money by offering mobile solutions that could be enjoyed within the comforts of your homes. Please share Dr Parekhs Homoeopathy and Nutrition Clinic discount coupon page on your social media profiles.


Nutrition is one of Homoeonutri’s prominent services. They offer you nutrition plans that are simple, easy and executable lifelong. Rather than giving you a menu of juices, soup & salads, they ensure that your preferences are kept in mind before coming up with a chart. This chart will allow you to eat all your favourite dishes but in the right quantities and at the right time. This helps you reduce unwanted fat without affecting you lifestyle drastically. The entire plan is customized and based on individual requirements only. Most importantly, get your plan at affordable rates and sitting at home!

About Company

Homoeonutri, a trusted chain of Homoeopathy Clinics in Pune, offers you a comprehensive assortment of treatments for Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Diabetes, Cholesterol and much more. Nutrition also comes under it preview of services. What makes homoeopathy fantastic is the fact that they bring to you easy to eat pills that come with no side effects. At Homoeonutri, they do not bring in too many diet requirements or restrictions during treatment either. Transparency is another feature that makes Homoeonutri a preferred clinic. You can get your consultation performed in detail after which they would advise you on the next best step to be taken. Most importantly, you can book your appointment online and access all your health records through their portal as well. Medicine would be delivered to you on time at your doorstep making it extremely convenient to you and timesaving

Corporate Address

Krishna Clinic, Parmar Park – 1, 1st Floor,
Office No: 110, Wanowrie,
Pune, India 411040
Website: http://www.homoeonutri.com

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