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Offers and ElearnMarkets Coupons on NSE Academy and MCX Certified Courses.

Offer End Date Dec 31, 2021

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It is a provider of training & certifications in financial marketing. ElearnMarkets offers courses that facilitate real time learning and includes investment, research analysis, trading, capital markets, equity research and much more.

Elearnmarkets Coupons and Offers on Stock Market and Trading Training Related Courses:

Exclusive Coupons
Flat 33% OFF on All Financial Market Recorded Courses   Show Promo Code
Flat 15% discount on All Financial Market Live courses    Show Promo Code
Flat 33% Discount on All Recorded and Upcoming Finance Webinars    Show Promo Code
SuperSix Webinars
Day 1 - Rs.2999. Day 2- Rs.2999   Show Promo Code
Both Days at Rs.4999   Grab Deal
Top Rated Live Courses
Certification in Online Technical Analysis at Rs.23600   Grab Deal
Certification in Online Options Strategies at Rs.17700   Show Promo Code
Top Rated Recorded Courses
E-NCCMP Certification at Rs.23600   Grab Deal
Certification in Online Wealth Management at Rs.5900   Grab Deal
NSE Academy Certified Courses Available
33% OFF on Online NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional (E-NCCMP)   Show Promo Code
Equity Research Analysis at Rs.17700   Show Promo Code
Financial Planning & Wealth Management at Rs.17700   Grab Deal
Wealth Management at Rs.5900   Grab Deal
Technical Analysis at Rs.23600    Grab Deal
Fixed Income & Interest Rate Futures at Rs.5900   Grab Deal
Options Strategies at Rs.17700   Grab Deal
Essential Technical Analysis at Rs.11800   Grab Deal
Stock Market for Beginners at Rs.9440   Grab Deal
Fundamental Analysis for Equity at Rs.5900   Grab Deal
Financial Modelling at Rs.10620   Grab Deal
Foundations of Capital Markets at Rs.17700   Grab Deal
Certification in Online Macroeconomics for Financial Markets at Rs.4720   Grab Deal
Currency & Commodities at Rs.8850   Grab Deal
Derivative Analytics at Rs.5900   Grab Deal
Finance for Non-Finance Manager at Rs.5900   Grab Deal
Interest Rate Derivatives at Rs.4720   Grab Deal
Online Currency Derivatives at Rs.4720   Grab Deal
Online Derivatives Demystified at Rs.4720   Grab Deal
Elearnmarkets Offers on NCDEX Certified Courses
Certified Commodity Market Professional at Rs.17700   Grab Deal
Certified Introduction to Technical Analysis At Rs.4130   Grab Deal
Certified Agri Trading Strategies at Rs.8850   Grab Deal
Options Trading Strategies at Rs.5900   Grab Deal
Certified Introduction to Commodities Market at Rs.2950   Grab Deal
Certification in Online Macroeconomics for Financial Markets at Rs.4720   Grab Deal
Foundations of Capital Markets at Rs.17700   Grab Deal
Fundamental Analysis of Commodities at Rs.5310   Grab Deal
Currency Derivatives at Rs.4720   Grab Deal
Finance for Non-Finance Manager at Rs.5900   Grab Deal
Online Derivatives Demystified at Rs.4720   Grab Deal
Interest Rate Derivatives at Rs.4720   Grab Deal
Elearnmarkets Offers on MCX Certified Courses
MCX Certified Commodity Professional (E-MCCP)at Rs.2950   Grab Deal
Courses Available at Rs.999
Stock Markets Made Easy   Grab Deal
Mutual Funds Made Easy   Grab Deal
Financial Modeling Made Easy   Grab Deal
Insurance & Taxation Made Easy   Grab Deal
RSI Made Easy   Grab Deal
Combo Courses Available
Certification in Online Research, Trading & Advisory at Rs.106200   Grab Deal
Trending Mentorship Program at Rs.70800   Grab Deal
Personal Financial Management at Rs.22408   Grab Deal
8 Mega Combo Pack at Rs.5310   Grab Deal
Combo - Certified Derivatives Programs at Rs.19470   Grab Deal
Online Certified Professional Trader at Rs.76700   Grab Deal
Webinars Plans
Starter Plan at Rs.2499. Valid For 90 Days    Grab Deal
Pro Plan at Rs.4999. Valid For 180 Days    Grab Deal
Plus Plan at Rs.9999. Valid For 365 Days    Grab Deal
Discounts on Top Premium Courses
Financial Management for Professional Exams at Rs.3539   Grab Deal
Financial Market Expert at Rs.9440   Grab Deal
Financial Management Complete Course at rs.3539   Grab Deal
Free Courses
Get Introduced to BitCoin   Grab Deal
Plan Wisely - Guide to Financial Planning   Grab Deal
Total Number of ElearnMarkets Offers and Coupons - 60

T&Cs and more Info on ElearnMarkets
ElearnMarkets offers
ElearnMarkets Education sales India
ElearnMarkets coupons

Online Courses

A number of online courses and webinars are offered. This includes Online NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional (E-NCCMP), Online MCX Certified Commodity Professional (E-MCCP), NSE Academy Certified Stock Market Made Easy, NSE Academy Certified Finance for Non-Finance People and NSE Academy Certified Derivatives Demystified. All the details of the subjects, timelines, delivery-modes etc, more are listed out on their portal for you to understand before taking a decision. You can enroll online with ease and start your course right away or have them call you to discuss prospects of each course.


Apart from online options, it also has some fantastic full-time courses for you to pursue. These include NSE Academy Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, NSE Academy Certified Foundation of Capital Markets, NSE Academy Certified Wealth Management, NSE Academy Certified Equity Research Analysis, NSE Academy Certified Equity Valuation & Financial Modeling, NSE Academy Certified Fixed Income & Interest Rate Futures, NSE Academy Certified Technical Analysis, NSE Academy Certified Option Strategies, NSE Academy Certified Derivatives Analytics and NSE Academy Certified Currency Markets.

Other Courses

If you are looking at certain exclusive profession-based subjects to get trained in, check out their list of ‘Other Courses’. Certified Professional Trader ©, Certified Equity Research Analyst, Certified Market Professional, Personal Financial Management, Stock Market for Beginners and Essential Technical Analysis are some of them. Depending on your preference of specialization, you could go for these direct certifications. Experienced and real-time professionals would train you thus enhancing your practical knowledge along with theory. Please share this ElearnMarkets coupon page on your social media profiles.

About Company

ElearnMarkets, a provider of training & certifications in financial marketing started in 2008 in Kolkata, offers you a range of practical & real time learning courses in investment, research analysis, trading and much more. They offer scientifically designed courses with live market setups taught by experienced professionals & subject experts. Technology used to facilitate easier and better learning is also high-end. What’s more, they get to enjoy question banks developed In-house and access to an in-house finance library as well as to market discussion forums like OPTIONS CLUB. Having trained over 10000 students already, It is on its way to becoming one of the most prestigious institutions to offer financial marketing certifications in the country.

Main ElearnMarkets Offers and Coupons at a Glance

Product Description ElearnMarkets Offer Price
Elearnmarkets Coupon for Recorded Courses33% Discount
Coupon for Live Courses15% OFF
Coupon for Webinars33% OFF
Coupon for NSE Courses33% Off

Corporate Address

3, Pretoria Street, 1st floor,
Opposite to Gyan Manch,
Kolkata, India 700071
Website: https://www.elearnmarkets.com/

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