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1) Flowers

Flowers make ideal gifts for all sorts of events, be it birthdays or anniversaries, for they represent the language of the heart. Who doesn't love them! Not only at a personal level, even corporates and employers have started believing that there couldn't be a better or safer gifting idea than flowers.Make birthdays and anniversaries special and memorable for your employees & partners by surprising them with fresh gorgeous flower bouquets. Mail your details to bulkorders@upto75.com.

2) Corporate Gifts

We connect you with companies who have innovative and interesting gifts at attractive prices. So if its your holiday gifting for the staff or a promotion add on, share your details with us so we can put you across a gifting company perfect for your requirements. Go ahead and make your gifting worth it. Mail your details to bulkorders@upto75.com.

3) Health Check-ups

Planning to have a health check done for your employees? Then we may help you with the right check-up from leading diagnostic centres / hospitals. register with us to find the suitable packages and medical centres for your employees. Make all your regular health packages more personalized and feasible. Mail your details to bulkorders@upto75.com.

4) Company Outings

Planning for a company outing to a resort or a nearby entertainment park. We can help you here as well! We help you find the suitable place and package for you and your staff to unwind. The best deals and marvellous new places allowing you to make your company outing a day to look forward too. Mail your details to bulkorders@upto75.com.

5) Skill Development / Higher Learning Courses

You want employees to do a course in Business English, Finance for Managers etc.? Then come sign up with us. We will put you across the best courses and trainees in the city or online. We also help you find them without going to rough on the pockets. Satisfy yourself with your employees better performance in return. Mail your details to bulkorders@upto75.com.

6) Employee Benefits

Want to share some few exclusive offers from top merchants in your city or country then let us know. That is our job everyday. We will put you across the best stores/merchants in your area to help you find what exactly what your looking for. Both in the best interest of you and your employee, so hurry up and contact us. Mail your details to bulkorders@upto75.com.

7) T-Shirts for your Staff

Need company tee's for your staff or maybe a set of football tees for the team football match. Come to us. We will put you through the top corporate T-shirt printing companies so you find what your looking for. Offers and discounts on the bulk orders also are add-ons just to make your T-shirt search alot easier. Mail your details to bulkorders@upto75.com.

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