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Flight 4 Fantasy Coupons in Mumbai

FREE Cessna 15 min Flying Experience on every 30 min Boeing 737 Flying Experience, Kurla, Mumbai.

Save at Flight 4 Fantasy in Mumbai with UPto75 Coupons.

Flight 4 Fantasy is one of the first centres in India that offer realistic virtual flying experiences to even non-pilots. Simulators like Boeing 737 NG, Cessna 172 and Fighter Jets can now be flown by you to over 20,000 airports globally giving you an experience to remember.

FREE Cessna 15 min Flying Experience on every 30 min Boeing 737 Flying Experience, Kurla, Mumbai.

Boeing & Cessna Details:

Original Price: Rs.2200
Discounted Price: RS.1750

Call for Booking, Validity of the Voucher & More Details: 022 61801771

Flight 4 Fantasy Address:
Phoenix Marketcity, 1st Floor, Kurla (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400070

Terms and Conditions

• Minimum age limit for Boeing 737 & Cessna is 13 years and for Fighter Jet is 8 years
• Sharing of the Simulator / Swapping is not allowed in the session
• This offer is exclusively valid only at Pheonix Marketcity Kurla
• This voucher cannot be clubbed with any other offer / Promotion

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Flight 4 Fantasy offers
Flight 4 Fantasy Adventure & Gaming sales India

Boeing 737

Boeing 737 is a commercial jet plane and an exciting one to fly. It is a 1:1 Scale Simulator. You can, as the pilot, take off and land your jet at any airport across 20,000 destinations worldwide. There would be instructors guiding you through your journey, be it the cockpit instrumentation brief, take-off essentials or landing basics. As you fly over beautiful landscapes, though virtually, you feel it to be so real and exhilarating. Weather conditions also change and give you a real-time check! Choose from their 30 or 60 minute packages depending on how much fun you wish to have and what your budgets are.


Cessna represent general aviation at its best. If you are looking forward to flying over all those places that you have always wanted to visit, here is your chance. With a real-looking cockpit and instruments functioning exactly like a real aircraft, your experience couldn’t get any better. Be the captain of your flying machine and take complete charge. Whether you know to fly a plane or not is never an issue here. They have experienced instructors who will take you through your journey safely and entertainingly!. Please share Flight 4 Fantasy Discount Coupon page on your social media profiles.

Flight 4 Fantasy Details

Flight 4 Fantasy, specialists in flight simulation and the first centre in India to offer a realistic virtual flying experience to its customers, lets you take control as the pilot of an aircraft and fulfil your dreams of flying. They bring to you a number of state-of-the-art, high precision simulators including Boeing 737 NG, Cessna 172 and Fighter Jets. You do not need to know the art of piloting now to be able to fly your aircraft to over 20000 airports across the world. There are instructors who lead you through the process. Sounds, visuals and the entire experience on these simulators is unnervingly real and stimulating. Find Flight 4 Fantasy Centres in Bangalore and Mumbai to begin with.

Flight 4 Fantasy Corporate Address

The Forum Mall, 405 - 4th Floor,
Bengaluru, India 560095

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flight-4-Fantasy/183849171710487

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