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Grubit Coupons: Upto 20% OFF on Calorie Controlled and Nutrition Rich Meal Subscriptions.

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Grubit is a corporate food delivery service online and based in Mumbai. It serves a delicious menu of calorie-controlled world cuisines.

Offers from Grubit.in:

Weekly Subscription: 5 Meals.
Delivery in Mumbai

Offer 1: 300 kcal - Strict Diet Meal
Current Price: Rs.1025
Discounted Price: Rs. 849
Discount Percentage: 17%

Offer 2: 500 kcal - Continental Meal
Current Price: Rs.1125
Discounted Price: Rs. 899
Discount Percentage: 20%

Offer 3: 700 kcal - Indian Meal
Current Price: Rs.975
Discounted Price: Rs. 799
Discount Percentage: 18%

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Low Calorie Delights

A fantastic selection of fresh Soups, Salads and Small-Bites make up their low calorie diet. These tasty treats carry only between 300 to 550 calories and include names such as Corn Soup, Palak Soup, Minestrone Soup, Tomato Beetroot Soup, Veg Corn Salad, Tropical Salad, Mexican Cucumber Salad, Dabeli, Aloo Tikki Chaat, Indonesian Curry, Broken Wheat Pulao and more.


The more robust mains at Grubit are also calorie-friendly and bring to you heart-nourishing full-meal diets of less than 700 calories. This includes truly interesting daily meal packages; yummy dishes like Methi Batata, Bhendi Masala, Lauki Channa, Masoor Dal, Paneer Burji, Dum Aloo and more served with a variety of Rice and Indian Breads. Don't forget to share Grubit Coupons with your friends and family.

Cold Pressed Juices

The Juices served at Grubit are both healthy and lip-smacking delicious. They have the popular ABC Juice made up of Apples, Beetroots and Carrots. Others include Orange Juice, Green Juice, Grass Shot and Pineapple Carrot Ginger, all of which are great for your body and fantastic cleansers.

Grubit Details

Grubit, an efficient online corporate food delivery service in Mumbai, offers you a unique menu of calorie-based food that could quench your epicurean fantasies as well as fulfil your nourishment needs. They deliver delicious food to your workplaces but also ensure that the dishes served are calorie-controlled and help you become more efficient instead of lethargic. Olive oil and other fresh & lighter ingredients are used to churn out delicious world cuisines that take your breath away! So next time you place a meal order, remember Grubit.

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