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Guhantara Coupons in Bengaluru

10% OFF on Day Outing Packages for 10 or more at Guhantara Resort, Bangalore.
Offer End Date Mar 31, 2020

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Guhantara is a holiday and business resort located in Bangalore. Guhantara offers awesome day outing packages. It has 20 beautiful rooms and a range of facilities including a Swimming Pool with waterfall, Baby Pools, a Kids’ Play Area, an ethnic Restaurant, a Lounge Bar, an Auditorium, a Conference Room, a Spa, an Accessories Shop and a Herbal Garden among others.

ಉಚಿತ ಕೂಪನ್ ಬಳಸಿ ಹಣ ಉಳಿಸಿ ಕೂಪನ್ ಪಡೆಯಲು ಮೇಲೆ ಇರುವ ಕೆoಪು ಬಟನ್ ಒತ್ತಿ.

Offer: 10% Discount on Day Outing Packages for a group of 10 adults or more at Guhantara Resort, Kaggalipura, Bangalore.

Tax: 18%

Package 1: Day Out Package: Timings - 9 AM - 5.30 PM
Welcome Drink, Lunch, Hi-Tea and Complimentary Games +/- Breakfast

Weekdays (Mon-Thu)
Without Breakfast
Adults -
Actual: Rs.1150 + Tax
Discounted: Rs.1035 + Tax

With Breakfast
Adults -
Actual: Rs.1300 + Tax
Discounted: Rs.1170 + Tax

Weekends (Fri-Sun) Ticket Prices:
Without Breakfast
Adults -
Actual: Rs.1250 + Tax
Discounted: Rs.1125 + Tax

With Breakfast
Adults -
Actual: Rs.1400 + Tax
Discounted: Rs.1260 + Tax

Package 2: Hi-Tea + Dinner: Timings - 4 PM-10 PM
Welcome Drink + Hi-Tea + Dinner + Complimentary Games

Weekdays (Mon-Thur):
Adults -
Actual: Rs.1000 + Tax
Discounted: Rs.900 + Tax

Weekends (Fri-Sun):
Adults -
Actual: Rs.1100 + Tax
Discounted: Rs.990 + Tax

Package 3: Full Day Outing 9 AM - 10 PM:
Welcome Drink + Lunch + Hi-Tea + Dinner + Complimentary Games +/- Breakfast

Weekdays (Mon-Thur) Cost per Head:
Without Breakfast
Adults -
Actual: Rs.1650 + Tax
Discounted: Rs.1485 + Tax

With Breakfast
Adults -
Actual: Rs.1800 + Tax
Discounted: Rs.1620 + Tax

Weekends (Fri-Sun) Cost per Head:
Without Breakfast
Adults -
Actual: Rs.1750 + Tax
Discounted: Rs.1575 + Tax

With Breakfast
Adults -
Actual: Rs.1900 + Tax
Discounted: Rs.1710 + Tax

1. Complimentary for Kids Below 6 Years of Age.
2. Kids Between 6-12 Years: Charges Applicable as Kids Policy.

For Kids Prices and Day Package Details - Click Here

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Please Read These Before You Call UPto75.com Support:

I want to book a Day Outing Packages for Guhantara Resort.
This is UPto75.com site. You get Guhantara Resort Coupons for FREE here.

What is the use of Guhantara Resort Coupons?
You get Discount on each Guhantara Resort Entry ticket. Show the Email Coupon at Guhantara Resort Reception and pay the discounted price at the counter. You cannot use these coupons to buy Entry tickets online.

What are the Guhantara Resort ticket prices?
They are mentioned on the offer page separately for Weekdays and Weekends. You will save 10% on Guhantara Resort Entry Fees.

How to get the Guhantara Resort coupons to my Email?
There is an orange button Click to get Free Coupons of Guhantara Resort Entry Fee Tickets.

What is the next step?
UPto75.com will get in touch with you to complete the process of booking of tickets for Guhantara.

What are the advantages of not booking the tickets online?
For day outings especially there will be a sudden increase of members or drop-outs in the last minute. You have to go through unnecessary hassles of cancellation and getting a refund. Instead, you can do a booking and pay the amount through either of the modes - Cash or Card at Guhantara Reception

Till when are the Guhantara Resort coupons valid?
The expiry date will be mentioned on the offer page and on the coupon as well.

Do I need to take the printout of the email having Guhantara Resort coupons?
One printout of the email is enough or show it on the mobile.

Does the Guhantara Resort ticket include food?
Yes. The Guhantara Resort Entry Fee Ticket includes Welcome Drink, with or without Breakfast (depends on the ticket you buy), Lunch and Tea + Biscuits in the evening.

Does the Guhantara Resort Entry Fee cover all the games and facilities?
The Entry fee includes food (varies as per the package) and complimentary games. However, for paid games such as ATV Rides, Paintball, etc you need to pay per game to Guhantara.

Is Prior Booking required?
Recommended. Please call up Guhantara Resort number in the coupon. Some big corporate may suddenly book the entire resort for a day.

Is swimwear mandatory for the use of Swimming Pool at Guhantara Resorts?

We plan to come to Guhantara Resorts for Day Picnic. Can we rent a room too?
Yes, you can plan a room. You need to pay Room Charges separately.

Is Bar available at Guhantara Resorts?
Yes, the bar is available at Guhantara Resorts.

We are a big Corporate group. Do we get an additional discount?
If the group is really big, say around 50, then additional discount can be given. Please call +91-8008887500

If you have any other query, please call on:

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Day Packages

Along with stay, Guhantara also offers you some tempting Day Packages. They have both Privilege and Ultra Privilege Packages for you to choose from. These packages, based on your needs, bring to you a series of benefits and facilities like Fresh Juice on arrival, a special Buffet Table Lunch, Quad Bikes, Rope Courses, Billiards, Zorbing Ball, Gear Bicycle, Trampoline, Bull Ride, Paint Ball, Target Shooting, Discounted Spa & Food Bills and more. General facilities that that you are entitled to use here as part of these packages include all indoor games like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess & Dart and also the Swimming Pool, Rain Dance for 30 minutes with DJ and outdoor games like Beach Volleyball, Cricket, Cycling, Tug-of-war, Bow & Arrow, Kite Flying and Caterpillar. Your friends may find this Bengaluru Guhantara Resort Day Outing deal of interest. Please share it with them.


The Agastya Kuteera is Guhantara’s well-equipped Spa. They showcase the finest of Ayurvedic physicians & trained therapists, the most effective treatments and 100% safe Ayurvedic herbal products to counter all kinds of stress-borne concerns and physical conditions. All the age-old Ayurvedic treatments including Abhyanga, Sweda, Shirodhara, Padabhyanga, Shiroabhyanga, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massages, Deep Tissue Massages, Navarakizhi, Pizhichill and Netradhara are offered here along with basic beauty therapies such as Facials, Manicures and Pedicures. They offer holistic mind-body treatments to get rid of all your ailments. Yoga, Meditation and Panchakarma Treatments also come under the purview of Guhantara’s Relaxation Spa.


The exclusive Swimming Pool with a waterfall, Baby Pools, the Kids’ Play Area, an ethnic Multi-cuisine Restaurant, the Lounge Bar, Auditorium, Conference Room, Accessories Shop and Herbal Garden are other facilities at Guhantara that could be availed of while at the resort. Getting bored here, with all this, is impossible. There are also a grand selection of indoor and outdoor games that you could play to entertain yourself and have some fun with friends and family!

Guhantara Details

Guhantara, a revered holiday and business resort in Bangalore conceptualized and designed by R-Square Designs Pvt. Ltd., offers you a fantastic and affordable space showcasing an ethnic pre-historic theme and décor. The resort houses 20 beautiful rooms with comfortable furnishings & amenities, fully equipped bathrooms, private sit-outs and breath-taking views. Facilities offered here, apart from accommodation, include a Swimming Pool with waterfall, Baby Pools, a Kids’ Play Area, an ethnic Restaurant, a Lounge Bar, an Auditorium, a Conference Room, a Spa, an Accessories Shop and a Herbal Garden to mention a few. You can also enjoy some refreshing rain dances, bonfires, games and other entertainment with your friends, colleagues or family. If you need to unwind and also spend some memorable time with loved ones, Guhantara is perfect for you.

Guhantara Corporate Address

Surya Prema Apartment, 401, Plot No.1 & 2,
1st Cross, Manjunath Nagar, Raghuvanahalli,
Bengaluru, India 560062

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guhantararesort/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/guhantara

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