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Have More Coupons in Delhi

15% Discount on Total Bill at Have More Restaurant, Pandara Road Market, Delhi.
Offer End Date Dec 31, 2019

Save at Have More in Delhi with UPto75 Coupons.

Have More, an Indian Restaurant in Delhi, offers spicy Kebabs and authentic Nawabi Cuisines in a Dhaba setting. They are open through the day until 3 in the morning.

Offer: 15% Discount on Total Bill from Have More Restaurant, Pandara Road Market, Delhi.

Restaurant Timings: 12 PM - 12 AM (Midnight).

Have More Restaurant recommends its award winning dishes: Butter Chicken, Creamy Dal Makhani, Tender Mutton Burra and Juicy Chicken Tandoori. And the favorites for the restaurant regulars is Tandoori Chicken Wings, Good Garlic Naan and Dal Makhani.

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Have More Restaurant Outlet Address in Delhi:
11-12, Pandara Road Market, New Delhi - 110003

Terms and Conditions

Prior Table Booking Recommended.


North Indian, Mughlai and Kebab.

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Have More is famous for its appetizers. It has won many an award for its tandoors and platters. Have More menu showcases some popular soups followed by a grand variety of Kebabs in Mutton, Chicken, Fish and Vegetarian. The Chicken Burra Kebab, from among many other spicy delicious names in their menu, has also been acknowledged and awarded as the best in the city. You can also go for award-winning Tandoor Platters at Have More Restaurant if you are game for a heavy meal!

Main Course

The Main Course Menu at Have More Restaurant consists of a lovely amalgamation of age-old Nawabi recipes. Have More offers a fantastic selection of dishes in Chicken, Mutton, Fish and Vegetarian. Their Butter Chicken is well-known across the city as an authentic award-winning specialty dish. Combine these curries with some piping hot rice, biryani, pulao or roti to complete your main course. Don't forget to download Have More Restaurant Discount Coupons from UPto75.com.

Desserts and Beverages

A sweet something after a meal is always a welcome treat. At Have More, you can enjoy some good ice-creams, Casata, Kulfi, Rasmalai and Gulab Jamuns. Truly Indian, just as their main food, these sweet nourishments are definite pacifiers of the soul. Beverages at Have More Restaurant include different Lassis, Butter Milk, Juices, Jaljeera, Fresh Lime Soda and others.

Have More Details

Have More, a family Fine-Dining Restaurant started far back in 1959 in Delhi, offers you an upscale Dhaba experience serving the most outstanding Kebabs and genuine Nawabi Cuisines. The ambience of the Have More restaurant is simple, elegant and comfortable. You can experience the joy of being in a Dhaba yet be assured of a clean, hygienic and easy environment. Have More Restaurant is also the winner of many prestigious awards for their Tandoors, Platters and other authentic delicacies.

Have More Corporate Address

11-12, Pandara Road Market
Delhi, India 110003

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/havemorerestaurant

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