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Healthy U Offers in Mumbai

Exciting Offers on Diet, Inch Loss, Acupressure & Magnetotherapy at Healthy U in Mumbai.

Offer End Date Jun 30, 2024

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Healthy U is a diet-based weight management clinic based in Mumbai. Their menu of diet plans includes Weight Loss, Therapeutic Diet, Post Pregnancy Diet and Child Nutrition.

Exciting Offers on Diet, Inch Loss, Acupressure & Magnetotherapy at Healthy U in Mumbai (2 Locations).

Valid at: Shreeji Hospital & Mathuradas Road

Location Timings:
Shreeji Hospital - Monday to Friday: 1 PM to 5 PM
Mathuradas Road - Saturday: 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM

Offer 1: Acupressure for any Health Problem ( 45 mins to 1 Hour session ) - Includes Diet Consultation
Actual price: Rs.1000
Discounted: Rs.650

Offer 2: 5 Acupressure Sessions
Actual Price: Rs.5000
Discounted: Rs.3000

Offer 3: Acupressure and Magnetotherapy Session
Actual price: Rs.1500
Discounted: Rs.900

Offer 4: Inch Loss Sessions –
Heating Machine, EMS Machine , & Anticellulite Machine (Combo of Two Machines), Includes Diet and Exercise Guidance)
Actual Price: Rs.1500
Discounted: Rs.800

Offer 5: Diet Consultation - Includes Customized Diet along with Exercise and Acupressure Counselling
Actual Price: Rs.1200
Discounted: Rs.800

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Addresses of the Clinics in Kandivali West
Shreeji Hospital: First Floor, Giridwar Building, Mathuradas Road, Kandivali West, Mumbai - 400067
Mathuradas Road: 3rd floor, Shreeji Arcade, M G road, off S V road, Kandivali West, Mumbai - 400067

Healthy U India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on Healthy U

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Weight Loss Diet

It is said that in losing weight, diet plays a major role, close to 80% and exercise covers 20. Having a balanced diet that is well-planned-out and staying away from crash ones, medicines and harmful supplements will go a long way in making your life lighter and healthier. They devise weekly plans personalized to meet your individual health needs. If followed diligently, you can lose up to 3 or 4 kgs a month without harming the body in any way. Once you reach your ideal weight and once the program duration is finished, they keep helping you to stay fit and retain your lighter self through detailed documents that guide you in the long term.

Therapeutic Diet

A therapeutic one is perfect for individuals who suffer from various health conditions, be it diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, cholesterol, high uric acid, kidney diseases, liver diseases, heart diseases or any other. With a planned tailor-made diet for your body and condition by them, you could not only correct your nutritional status and ensure weight management, but also address vitamin & mineral balances in your body, manage allergies & food intolerance issues as well as balance carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fibre, sodium and all others that hinder good health. These may not be treatments by themselves, but they greatly propel recovery and support other medical treatments.


Post Pregnancy Diet and Child Nutrition are also part of the Healthy U portfolio. About 6 to 8 weeks after you deliver your baby, you could start off with a well-devised plan to lose all the extra weight you gained during pregnancy. They keep in mind all the nutritional needs of a lactating / breastfeed mother while ensuring reduced fat and increased muscle mass. When it comes to children, ensuring the perfect mix of fruits, grains, vegetables, proteins, dairy, water and others is extremely important. They must consume enough nutrients but without stuffing themselves up which would then result in obesity and lethargy. They help you plan healthy, yet yummy lunch box meals that could keep your kids happy, satisfied and fit!

About Company

Healthy U, a diet-based weight management clinic in Mumbai, offers you a wide array of programs to attain healthy weight loss as well as manage nutrition in adults and children effectively. Their plans are a combination of medical treatments, diets and other lifestyle modifications. Initially, your health information is collected through a detailed online health status form. Based on this, a weekly customized plan is generated, along with various recipes and other tips for eating out. Every week, depending on your progress, a new plan is devised and sent to you. For the duration of your treatment, a constant watch on your weight is kept to ensure a healthy transformation. Various plans offered by them include Weight Loss, Therapeutic Diet, Post Pregnancy Diet and Child Nutrition.

Corporate Address

First Floor, Giridwar Building,
Mathuradas Road, Kandivali West
Mumbai, India 400067
Website: https://healthyu.net.in/

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