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Janta Diagnostic Centre Offers in Delhi

Discounts on Healthcare Packages at Janta Diagnostic Centre in Delhi.

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Janta Diagnostic Centre is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Diagnostic Centre in Delhi. They bring to you a wide array of accurate, error-free and high quality diagnostic procedures along with the most modern in technologies.

Discounts on Healthcare Packages at Janta Diagnostic Centre in Delhi.

Offer 1: Preventive Health Checkup
Actual Price: Rs.1999
Discounted Price: Rs.1799

Offer 2: Routine Health Checkup
Actual Price: Rs.1000
Discounted Price: Rs.900

Offer 3: Executive Health Checkup-I
Actual Price: Rs.2600
Discounted Price: Rs.2340

Offer 4: Executive Health Checkup-II
Actual Price: Rs.3500
Discounted Price: Rs.3150

Offer 5: Male Health Checkup (49 – 59 yrs)
Actual Price: Rs.4000
Discounted Price: Rs.3600

Offer 6: Female Health Checkup (Below 40 Yrs)
Actual Price: Rs.2700
Discounted Price: Rs.2430

Offer 7: Female Health Checkup (40-49 yrs)
Actual Price: Rs.2750
Discounted Price: Rs.2475

Offer 8: Female Health Checkup (50-59 Yrs)
Actual Price: Rs.4800
Discounted Price: Rs.4320

Offer 9: Senior Citizen Health Checkup (Female)
Actual Price: Rs.5300
Discounted Price: Rs.4770

Offer 10: Senior Citizen Health Checkup (Male)
Actual Price: Rs.3900
Discounted Price: Rs.3510

Offer 11: Pre-Employment Checkup – I
Actual Price: Rs.1150
Discounted Price: Rs.1035

Offer 12: Pre-Employment Checkup – II
Actual Price: Rs.1920
Discounted Price: Rs.1728

Offer 13: Child Health Package – I
Actual Price: Rs.550
Discounted Price: Rs.495

Offer 14: Child Health Package – II
Actual Price: Rs.1550
Discounted Price: Rs.1395

Offer 15: Cancer Screening Profile (Female)
Actual Price: Rs.3500
Discounted Price: Rs.3150

Offer 16: Cancer Screening Profile (Male)
Actual Price: Rs.2500
Discounted Price: Rs.2250

1) Free Home Sample Collection across Delhi.
2) No Taxes

Monday to Saturday : 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Sunday : 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

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Janta Diagnostic Centre Address:
Tu Block, House No. 8 Pitampura, New Delhi – 110088

Janta Diagnostic Centre India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on Janta Diagnostic Centre

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Janta Diagnostic Centre offers Janta Diagnostic Centre 0 sales India

Healthcare Packages

At Janta Diagnostic Centre, you can choose from a broad spectrum of healthcare checkups. This includes the Routine & Executive Health Checkups, Male & Female Health Checkups for the Middle Aged, Health Checkups for Senior Citizens, General Female Health Checkups, Child Health Packages, Pre-Employment Checkups and Cancer Screening Profile, among others. Each package comes with a collection of tests that help ensure a healthy body and timely identification of complications, if any. A thorough investigation is performed on you by their team and detailed accurate results are provided on time for you to take action.

Technology & Services

The range of technology and services offered at Janta Diagnostic Centre can be categorized into CT Scans, Digital X-RAYs, Special Investigations, Ultra Sound, Profiles, Color Doppler, Cardiological Examinations, Digital Mammography, Digital OPG, Digital EEG, EMG, NCV & PFT and Radiology, to name a few. With the most sophisticated gadgets and machinery, their technology experts guarantee that all your test results are exact and detailed. Please share Janta Diagnostic Centre discount coupon page on your social media profiles.

About Company

Janta Diagnostic Centre, a reliable decade-old diagnostic facility in Delhi, offers you the finest in technology, diagnostic techniques and patient care at competitive prices. ISO 9001:2015 Certified, their procedures are accurate, error-free and high on quality. Simple and detailed tests, checkups and more are provided here by the finest of specialists and technicians. Moreover, most of the test results are reported the same day, including specialized tests. With consistency, speed and precision, Janta Diagnostic Centre is today one of the most recommended by doctors all over the city.

Corporate Address

Tu Block, House No. 8, Pitampura,
Delhi, India 110088
Phone Number: 91-11-42683401 Website: http://www.jantadiagnostic.com

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