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Leo Juventa Offers in Hyderabad

20% Discount on Fun Wellness Experience at Leo Juventa Spa, Shameerpet, Hyderabad.

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Leo Juventa is an award winning Holistic Healing Destination. Their range of over 200 treatments made up of both fundamental rejuvenation therapies and curative procedures, include activities and diets as well.

20% Discount on Fun Wellness Experience at Leo Juventa Spa, Shameerpet, Hyderabad.

Offer 1: Fun Wellness: Mud Club, Temazcal, Body Alignment and Foot Reflexology
Actual: Rs.11700
Discounted: Rs.9360

Description: A deep relaxing traditional oil massage, a sweat and inhalation therapy in an ancient Mesoamerican chamber and a skin refresher with mineral rich mud.

Temazcal Session: Ancient ritualistic steam lodge session with herbal steam generated over volcanic rocks Opens up airways and kicks out the toxins through sweat!
Mud Club: Full body packs with Mineral Rich Mud with Music and Sprinklers. A sense of freshness guaranteed.
Oil Abhyanga: Body massage with medicated oils.
Foot Reflexology: Stimulation of nerve endings in the soul of the feet
Sports Stretching: Aligns the body, musculature and joints with calculated application of therapist assisted stretching
Infinity Pool: Ease out session in the Infinity Pool

Note: In case the weather is cool, The Mud Club Outdoor session will be converted into an indoor Mud Pack session with Steam (Rasool Ceremony).

Offer 2: Wellness Pack
Actual: Rs.9500
Discounted: Rs.7600

Description: The demands of our times make us susceptible to high levels of stress and strain, leading to an imbalance in body, mind and energy. Leo Juventa offers a specially designed wellness experience that kicks out the stress and enriches your sense of being with a transcending rejuvenation. This journey begins with a dynamic yoga session to rekindle energy, followed by a Sarwanga Abhyanga or Aroma Therapy, to awaken the cells. Choice of Scrub & Spa Oceana completes the Wellness journey.

Sarwanga Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Body Massage with medicated oils. Relieves the body and mind of stress and strain accumulated over hectic lifestyle.
Choice of Scrub or Body Polish: Clears the skin of dead cells, nourishes the skin and adds a fresh and healthy glow
Spa Oceana: Oxygen and mist spray in a specially designed capsule.

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Leo Juventa India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on Leo Juventa

Terms and Conditions

1. The Coupon is valid up to 90 days from the date of the purchase.
2. The mentioned experiences are available only on Weekdays i.e Monday to Friday.
3. Yoga sessions will be held in the mornings and evenings only.
4. Services are subject to availability and the discretion of the administration. Leo Juventa takes meticulous measures to maintain high standards of professionalism, however in case of unavailability of promoted services, Leo Juventa’s Client Relations team will offer alternative services.
5. The guest is required to consult a physician in case of conditions that prohibit certain therapies. Leo Juventa will not be liable for any complications arising out of a previously diagnosed or undiagnosed medical history.

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The Fundamental Programs offered at Leo Juventa address stress, efficiency and the elimination of toxins from your body and mind. A number of different options are available here for you to choose from based on personal needs. This includes the Toxin Elimination Program, the Tension Relief Program, Energy Boosting Program, Yoga & Fitness Program, Life Upgrade Program, Brain Empowerment Program and more.


Leo Juventa also brings to you a wide array of Curative Practices that not only help your body & soul stay healthy, but also cures a number of diseases that cause you harm and deprive you of living a healthy life. Some of these include the Weight Reduction Program, Arthritis Program, Rheumatoid Arthritis Program, Immunity Enhancement Program, Back Pain Program, Quality Sleep Program, Diabetes Management Program and Migraine Program. All these programs combine activities and diets along with treatments. Customization and constant monitoring are also methods by which precision of treatments is ensured at Leo Juventa. Your friends may find this Hyderabad Leo Juventa Spa Body Massage deal of interest. Please share it with them.

About Company

Leo Juventa, a holistic wellness destination in Hyderabad, offers a perfect blend of ancient wellness practices and new scientific methods at its grand, spacious and beautifully designed centre. They cover 7 disciplines and close to 200 different treatments. Their team of highly qualified doctors and certified therapists bring together holistic programs that include not only treatments but also activities, diets and personal care & tracking to ensure that diseases are completely uprooted from your system, never to return. Leo Juventa, with its curative and rejuvenating therapies, has also won a number of National and International awards.

Corporate Address

Leonia Resorts Road, Bommaraspet, Shameerpet,
Hyderabad, India 500078
Website: http://leojuventa.com/

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