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Licious Coupons: Save Now with Cashbacks on FreshMeat & Seafood Orders.
Offer End Date Dec 31, 2019

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Licious is a portal for fresh meat & seafood online. Licious offers a great choice of various meats, cold cuts, seafood, marinades, pickles, spreads and more.

 Licious Offers & Discounts on Online Freshmeat Orders.
20% OFF on First order    Get Coupon
Minimum cart value Rs.299.
Max. Discount Rs.300.
Valid on first order only.
Not valid on discounted products.
Valid till April 30, 2019.
 Get 20% OFF on First 4 Orders   Get Coupon
Applicable to new consumers only.
Applicable only on the first four orders placed by the new consumer.
Maximum discount is Rs.500 per order.
No Minimum order value.
Applicable on Scheduled and Discounted products as well.
 25% OFF on Orders above Rs.599    Get Coupon
Valid on orders above Rs.599.
Not valid on discounted products.
Max discount is Rs.300.
 Licious Offers:
15% OFF + 15% Cashback   Get Coupon
Valid on orders above Rs 399 (or as specified otherwise).
Not valid on discounted products.
Max discount is Rs 300.
Max cashback is Rs 300.
Cashback in Licious Cash+.
 Flat 25% OFF on orders above Rs.499    Get Coupon
Valid on orders above Rs 499.
Not valid on discounted products.
Max discount is Rs.300.
Licious Offers & Coupons from Mobile Wallets
Get 20% Cashback on Amazon Pay
Get 10% Cashback on Paytm
Get 35% Cashback on Orders above Rs.350 with Simpl
Win Up to Rs.500 Scratch Card on Google pay   Get Offer
Latest Licious Offers & Coupons: Top Deals of the Day
Get 25% OFF Plus Get 25% Cashback   Get Coupon
Free Shipping on Orders above Rs.699   Get Offer
Catch Of the Day: Best Deals on Fish & Sea Food   Get Offer
 Licious Offers & Coupons: Category Special
Chicken Curry Cut (Large/Small as specified) free on Orders above Rs.499   Get Coupon
Valid on Scheduled products as well.
Not valid on discounted products.
Offer valid till stocks last.
 Get Free Eggs (Classic Eggs, Pack of 6 Eggs) with orders of Rs. 499 & above   Get Coupon
Valid on Scheduled products as well.
Not valid on discounted products.
Offer valid till stocks last.
 Licious Offers & Coupons: Party Specials
10% OFF Plus 10% CASHBACK in Licious Cash on orders of Rs.1000 or more   Get Coupon
Valid on orders of Rs 1000 or more.
Valid on discounted products.
Offer valid only in Bangalore.
Max discount is 3000; Max cashback is 3000.
Cashback in Licious Cash.
Licious Offers:
Freshwater Rohu Large at Rs.249
Freshwater Catla Large at Rs.259   Get Offer
Licious Offers: Todays Deals
Up To 20% OFF on Prawns   Get Offer
Up To 15% OFF on Premium Goat Curry Cut   Get Offer
20% OFF on Prawns In A Pickel   Get Offer
Up To 15% OFF on Basa Cubes   Get Offer
Up To 10% OFF on Mediterranean Prawns   Get Offer
Up To 10% OFF on Chicken Mince Keema   Get Offer
20% OFF on Black Pomfret   Get Offer
Up To 15% OFF on Prawns Zaffrani   Get Offer
Up To 20% OFF on Prawns   Get Offer
Up To 15% OFF on Chunky Tuna Spread   Get Offer
20% OFF on Freshwater Catla   Get Offer
20% OFF on Seer Head & Tail   Get Offer
20% OFF on Freshwater Catla head   Get Offer
Licious Offers On Chicken Varieties
Chicken Skinless Curry Cut Small at Rs.139
Chicken Thigh Skinless Boneless at Rs.249
Chicken Lollipop 10 Pieces at Rs.109   Get Offer
Licious Offers On Meat Varieties
30% OFF on Premium Goat Curry Cut
Goat Bone Less at Rs.469   Get Offer
Lamb Leg Boneless at Rs.449   Get Offer
Licious Offers On SeaFood
Atlantic Salmon Steaks at Rs.799   Get Offer
Sea Bass Bhetki Fillet at Rs.1099   Get Offer
Freshwater Rohu at Rs.199   Get Offer
Basa Fillet at Rs.299   Get Offer
Flat 30% OFF on Prawns Medium (Tail on)   Get Offer
Black Pomfret Steaks at Rs.799   Get Offer
Licious Offers on Marinades
Amritsar Fish at Rs.254   Get Offer
5% OFF on Tawa Tandoori Chicken   Get Offer
11% OFF on Chicken in a Pickle   Get Offer
20% OFF on Peri Peri Chicken at Rs.199   Get Offer
Flat 30% OFF on Lucknowi Keema at Rs.209   Get Offer
Flat 30% OFF on Smokey Barbeque Wings 10 Pieces at Rs.125   Get Offer
Habanero Chicken Wings 10 Pieces at Rs.149   Get Offer
Indo-Chinese Lollipop at Rs.249   Get Offer
Licious Offers on Spreads & Pickles
21% OFF on Chicken Pickle   Get Offer
Chunky Chicken Spread at Rs.249   Get Offer
10% OFF on Chunky Chicken Spread   Get Offer
Licious Offers: Catch of the Day
Get Up To 35% Off on Fish & Sea food   Get Offer
Licious Offers on Eggs
Classic Eggs at Rs.55   Get Offer
Country Eggs at Rs.75   Get Offer
Licious Offers on Coldcuts
10% OFF on Chicken Cocktail Sausages at Rs.215   Get Offer
Chicken Plain Sausages at Rs.199   Get Offer
Chicken Cheese Salami at Rs.199   Get Offer
Chicken Frankfurters at Rs.349   Get Offer
Pepper Blasted Chicken Slices at Rs.199   Get Offer
Chicken Wieners at Rs.199   Get Offer
Chicken Salami at Rs.239   Get Offer
Licious Contests:
Participate in Made With Licious Contest & Win Rs.200 Gift Hamper   Get Offer
Licious Offers on Referral Program
Refer a Friend and Get Rs.200 Discount   Get Offer
Licious Cash Wallet Offer
Load Money in Licious Cash. Pay with Wallet & Earn Promo Points   Get Offer
Total Number of Licious Offers and Coupons - 59

Meats & Seafood

Licious has a fantastic collection of fresh succulent meats that include chicken, red meat, exotic meats and even cold cuts in the form of sausages, hams, salami and more. Apart from the quality of meat, they also bring to you different kinds of cuts based on what you wish you cook. Be it chunky pieces, curry cuts, minces, drumsticks, thighs, breasts, wholes or any other, they have it readymade for you to order. There is also a section for seafood that brings to you the loveliest Fillets, Steaks and more of Mackerels, Rohu, Sardines, Salmons, Catla, Basa, Butterfish, Tilapia, Tengra and many other fish varieties. There are also Whole Prawns, Crabs and other seafood for you to try out. Please share Licious Discount Coupon page on your social media profiles.


Apart from fresh meats, seafood and cold cuts, Licious also sells some truly amazing Marinades, Pickles and Spreads. The marinades are meat and seafood slices that are marinated in different spices and you could buy them based on your preferences in flavours. They also showcase some of the most delicious spicy pickles and exotic spreads that go well with your meal. For the egg lovers, you can pick both classic and country eggs from Licious easily and have them delivered to you in no time.

Licious Details

Licious, an online portal for fresh meat & seafood, offers you a complete assortment of meats, cold cuts, seafood, marinades, pickles, spreads and more at affordable rates. Their team of experts handpick the highest quality products and delivers it to you 100% fresh and succulent. Its stored at a temperature between 0° and 5°C at all times to ensure freshness. Most importantly, they weigh your meat only after cutting and getting rid of all the unwanted parts such as offal, gizzard, wingtips and others. So, what you get is full, rich and exactly the quantity you asked for. If you need fresh products that can be trusted, Licious is just the right place to order yours from. Easy to purchase and delivered right at your doorstep, these products are as fresh as it can get!

Main Licious Offers at a Glance

Product Description Licious Offer Price
New User20% OFF on First order
Site Wide OfferGet 25% OFF & 25% Cashback
Site Wide Offer25% OFF on Orders above Rs.599
Site Wide Offer15% OFF + 15% CASHBACK
Site Wide Offer25% OFF + 25% Cashback on Orders of Rs.599 & Above
Cashback Offers20% Using Amazon Pay. 10% Using Paytm
Category SpecialPack of 6 Eggs on Orders Above Rs.499

Licious Corporate Address

#3AM, 3rd Floor, 15/5 Cambridge Rd,
Jeevan Kendra Layout, Jogupalya
Bangalore, India 560008

Website: https://www.licious.in/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiciousFoods/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiciousFoods

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