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Magic Duster Cleaning Services Coupons in Ahmedabad

10% Discount on Sofa Cleaning Services by Magic Duster, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

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Magic Duster is a leading provider of a range of Cleaning Services in Gujarat. Their menu includes cleaning of Tanks, Sofas, Beds & Carpets apart from Total Home Cleaning and the Car Spa.

10% Discount on Sofa Cleaning Services by Magic Duster, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

Offer: 10% Discount on Sofa Cleaning Services

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Magic Duster Cleaning Services Address:
76, Nalanda Complex, Near Mansi Tower, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad - 380015

Magic Duster Cleaning Services India Addresses and Location
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Sofa Cleaning

Magic Duster is sought-after for its Sofa Cleaning Services. They have a fine team of professionals who work on your favourite sofas to not only eliminate dust, dust mites, stains and unpleasant odours, but also enhance its look, colour and durability. Their process of cleaning includes vacuuming, shampooing and again vacuuming to dry. And most conveniently, cleaning is undertaken at your home and without having to move your furniture anywhere.

Home & others

Apart from Sofas, Magic Duster also helps you clean your Tanks, Beds and Carpets. They have a system and techniques for each that are robust and thorough. In Tanks, they cover cleaning of all kinds including Underground Tanks, Diesel Tanks and Overhead Water Tanks. Allergens, Mite Faeces, Dust Mites, Viruses, Bacteria, Fungal Spores, Dust or any other that attack your Beds, Mattresses and Carpets are effectively eradicated as well. Apart from all these, if you are looking for a complete sterilization of your home, you can count on Magic Duster to do that for you with their team of seasoned cleaners. Your friends may find this Ahmedabad Magic Duster Cleaning Services deal of interest. Please share it with them.

Car Spa

Car Spa is a dedicated section at Magic Duster. They have a team of experts who understand your car and render cleaning solutions that revive it effectively and deliver it to you looking brand new. Processes covered here include car exterior wash and vacuuming, shampooing & steam cleaning of all interior panels including doors, dashboard, trays and more. Every aspect of your car, be it AC vents, handles, ash trays, carpets, seats, floor mats, windows or any other, are taken care of and cleaned meticulously.

About Company

Magic Duster, a Cleaning Service Provider started in 2011 in Gujarat, offers you a complete range of Home and Car Cleaning services at attractive rates. They have a fantastic team of specialists who excel at the art of efficient cleaning. The latest in technologies, techniques and products are also used to render services quickly and spotlessly. The scope of Magic Duster’s Services extends to cleaning of Tanks, Sofas, Beds & Carpets apart from Total Home Cleaning and the Car Spa.

Corporate Address

76, Nalanda Complex, Near Mansi Tower,
Ahmedabad, India 380015

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