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Rs.100 Discount on Entry Tickets and More at MojoLand Adventure and Water Park, Murthal (near Delhi)

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It is a multi-theme amusement park set in Sonipat, 20 Km from Delhi in Haryana. The variety of rides and activities at MojoLand Park include Palm Beach, Wave Pool, Slides, Pendulum, Volcanic Water Fall, Rain Dance, Foam Dance, Bungee Ejection, Free Fall, Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, High Rope, Low Rope, Shooting, Archery, Sky Cycling, Paramotoring and more.

Note: On account of Government directive, due to ongoing CORONA Virus, the park is shut till further instructions.

Rs.100 Discount on Entry Ticket Price at MojoLand Adventure Park, Murthal (near Delhi), Sonipat, Haryana.

It has Four Parks - Adventure, Lagoon Water, Aero and Amusement Park.

Mojoland Park Timings: 10.30 AM - 7 PM

Offer 1: Adventure Park Entry Ticket Price
Actual Ticket Price: Rs.600
Discounted Price: Rs.500
For Children / Students / Senior Citizens / Army Persons / Ex-Army:
Actual Ticket Price: Rs.500
Discounted Ticket Price: Rs.400

MojoLand Adventure Park Activities: High Rope Course, Sky Cycling, Low Rope Course, Giant Swing, Rocket Ejection, Catapult, Trampoline Bungee, Tire Walk, Rock Climbing, Bridge Walk, Free Fall, Commando Net, Zip Lining, Angry Birds, Archery, RC Car Racing, Cross Bow, Skate Boarding, Shooting and Dart Ball.

Offer 2: Lagoon Water Park Entry Ticket Price
Actual Ticket Cost: Rs.600
Discounted Price: Rs.500
For Children / Students / Senior Citizens / Army Persons / Ex-Army:
Actual Ticket Cost: Rs.500
Discounted Price: Rs.400

Water Park Activities: Palm Beach, Wave Pool, Volcanic Water Fall, Foam Dance, Rain Dance, Pendulum Slide, 40 Feet Slide, Racer Slides and Many More.

Offer 3: Combo: Adventure + Water Park
Actual Ticket Rate: Rs.1000
Discounted Rate: Rs.900
For Children / Students / Senior Citizens / Army Persons / Ex-Army:
Actual Ticket Rate: Rs.800
Discounted Rate: Rs.700

Offer 4: Paramotoring at just Rs.1500 Per Person.

1. Entry Free to MojoLand Murthal, if it is your Birthday on the Day of Visit.
2. Entry Free for Children Below 80cm Height.
3. There will be no discount on Amusement Park.

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MojoLand Address:
NH1, Murthal, G.T. Karnal Road, Bhigan, Sonipat, Haryana - 131039

MojoLand India Addresses and Location

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1: I want MojoLand Tickets
This is UPto75.com site. You get Coupons for FREE for Water Park, Adventure Park and their combo

2: What is the use of MojoLand Coupons?
You get Rs.100 off on each ticket. Show the Email at Booking Counters and pay the discounted price at the counter. You cannot use these coupon codes online.

3: How to get them to my Email?
There is an orange color button, Click to get Free Coupons.

4: What are the MojoLand ticket prices?
They are mentioned on the offer page.
Separate prices are there for Water and Adventure Park.
There is a combo package for both Water and Adventure Park too.

5: For a group how many MojoLand Murthal Coupons do I need to take?
At a time you will get a maximum of 10. If you are a group of 15, enter 10 in the form and submit. Again enter 5 in the form.

6: Till when are the coupons valid?
The expiry date will be mentioned on the offer page and in the email as well.

7: Do I need to take the printout of the email having MojoLand coupons?
One printout of the email is enough or show it on the mobile

8: Does the ticket include food?
No. It is for entry and access to water activities and rides.
Outside / home food not allowed.

9: Is swimwear compulsory for MojoLand Water Park?
Yes. Bring your own swimwear or buy / rent it.

10: We are a big Corporate group. Do we get an additional discount?
If the group is really big, say around 50, then an additional discount can be given. Please call +91-8008887500

11: When will Water Park open?
Parks Timings are from 10.30 AM to 7.00 PM.

12. What is the price for Locker at MojoLand Murthal?

13. Is it good for Kids?
Yes. They will enjoy it very much.

If you have any other query, please call on:
T&Cs and more Info on MojoLand

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Lagoon is the Water Park at MojoLand Murthal. They bring to you a beautiful Palm Beach to relax in, apart from a Wave Pool, a Fun Pool, Slides, a Pendulum, a Volcanic Waterfall, a Beach Shack, Rain Dancing, Foam Dancing and more. It is entertaining, rejuvenating and perfect place for families to chill out in and spend time with each other while having fun!

Wild West Land & More

Wild West Land, a new addition to the MojoLand menu, brings to you a wide array of adventure games. This consists of activities such as Bungee Ejection, Free Fall, Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, High Rope, Low Rope, Shooting, Archery and Sky Cycling. There is also an Aero Sports Zone that showcases Paramotoring at its best. This is a place where you can form teams, compete, collaborate and have a fantastic time. Be it with your family, friends or colleagues, the experience is definitely worth every penny and time spent. Your friends may find this Sonipat (near Delhi) Adventure and Water Park deal of interest. Please share it with them.

About Company

It is a one-of-its-kind multi-theme amusement park in Murthal Haryana and offers you an exhaustive mélange of activities through zones such as the Water Park, Wild West Land and Aero Sports, at attractive rates. As a family entertainment avenue, Mojoland caters to all kinds and ages of people. Moreover, a lot of thrust is given to both safety and hygiene as well. Rides and activities at MojoLand include Palm Beach, Wave Pool, Slides, Pendulum, Volcanic Water Fall, Rain Dance, Foam Dance, Bungee Ejection, Free Fall, Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, High Rope, Low Rope, Shooting, Archery, Sky Cycling, Paramotoring and many others.


Park Timings: 10.30 AM to 7.00 PM
365 Days

Corporate Address

C-300, Block C,
Surajmal Vihar,
Delhi, India 110092
Website: http://www.mojoland.in

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