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About Mudd Salon and Day Spa

A well-known hair salon in Mumbai, Mudd Salon and Day Spa employs some of the best professionals in hair styling and beauty therapy. Mudd Salon and Day Spa believes that a great ambience and quality in service are the most important aspects of a successful beauty business. They offer oriental spa manicure-pedicure, massages and facials that include cleansing, hydrating, brightening, nourishing, desensitizing and even slowing skins ageing, aroma facials, therapies that de-tan, minimize scars, improve facial contours, etc. along with Shahnaz Hussain and other advanced treatments. A place where you find anything and everything that helps you look beautiful and feel fresh, Mudd Salon and Day Spa is fast expanding across the country. This season, Mudd Salon and Day Spa gives you an opportunity to enjoy their services without worrying about the cost. Now also get great discounts on all beauty services and treatments at Mudd Salon & Spa.
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