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MyAdira Coupons: Flat 25% Discount on all products
Offer End Date Jul 31, 2019

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Myadira an online venture of Adira, is an innovative and high quality innerwear store for girls and women. A brand from Yashram Lifestyle, it offers you a chic, comfortable collection of Panties, Slimming Shapewear, Bras and more.

Exclusive Myadira Top Offers & Deals
Get Flat 25% OFF on Under Dress Collections   Get Coupon
MyAdira Offer on Cotton & Hygience Panties: Special Sale
Pack of 2 Cotton Panties at Rs.99   Get Coupon
Rs.100 Discount on Hygiene Panties   Get Coupon
Rs.100 Discount on Hygiene Leak Proof Panties   Get Coupon
MyAdira Offers on Underdress Collection
25% OFF on Underdress for Skirts & Dresses. Plus Rs.100 Discount   Get Coupon
25% OFF on 4 Pack of Underdress. Plus Rs.100 Discount   Get Coupon
Underdress collection   Get Offer
Adira Offers on Period Panties:
Get Rs.100 Discount on Period Panties   Get Offer
Get Rs.100 Discount on Period Boxer Panties   Get Offer
Get Rs.100 Discount on Period Hipster Panties   Get Offer
Adira Offers on Leakproof Panties
Rs.100 OFF on Leakproof Panty   Get Offer
Rs.100 OFF on Pack of 2 Leakproof Panties   Get Offer
Rs.100 OFF on Pack of 3 Leakproof Panties   Get Offer
40% OFF on Pack of 4 Leakproof Panties   Get Offer
Adira Offers on Incontinence Panties: Rs.100 OFF
Rs.100 OFF on 2 Panties For Light Leaks   Get Offer
Rs.100 OFF on Panties For Light Leaks   Get Coupon
Adira Offers on Starter Bras: Rs.100 OFF
Rs.100 Discount on Beginners Bras   Get Offer
Rs.100 Discount on Beginners Camisoles   Get Offer
Adira Offers on Shapewear: Rs.100 OFF
Get Rs.100 OFF on Shapewear   Get Offer
Get Rs.100 OFF on TummyTuckers   Get Offer
Adira Offers on Sleepwear: Rs.100 OFF
Get Rs.100 OFF on Shorts   Get Offer
Get Rs.100 OFF on Sleep Bras   Get Offer
Adira Offers on Starter Kits: Rs.100 OFF
Rs.100 OFF Deal on Starter Kits   Get Offer
Rs.100 OFF Deal on Period Guide Book   Get Offer
Total Number of Myadira Offers and Coupons - 24

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Myadira offers
Myadira Clothing & Accessories sales India


Adira offers you an adorable collection of different kinds of Panties. Categories available include Period Panties, Fresh & Dry Panties, Perfume Panties and the regular ones. They showcase various colours, designs, cuts, styles and fabrics. You can choose your favourites online myadira.com with ease and have them delivered to you effortlessly.

Bras and Camis

You can buy a high-quality selection of Bras, Camis and Shapewear online myadira.com. They have different colours for you, different styles and fabrics too. Perfumed Bras are a specialty here and you will truly enjoy wearing their lovely jasmine and rose scented bras on special occasions to make them even more special. Please share this Myadira discount coupon page on your social media profiles.

Myadira Details

Adira, a chic innerwear brand for girls and women started by Yashram Lifestyle, offers you a stylish yet comfortable collection of Panties, Slimming Shapewear, Bras and more. The finest of fabrics and trims ensure that the products sold here are safe and reliable. The cuts are perfect, styles are innovative and colours are numerous. So if you are on the lookout for some truly amazing innerwear, look no further; Adira is indeed the place for you!

Myadira Corporate Address

2nd Floor, Basil Moneta,
#612, 80 ft Ring Road, 4th Block Koramangala,
Bengaluru, India 560034

Website: http://www.myadira.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Adira4me

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