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Nidaan Dental Clinic Coupons in Indore

Upto 28% Discount on Dental Services at Nidaan Dental Clinic, Sham Tower in Indore.

Save at Nidaan Dental Clinic in Indore with UPto75 Coupons.

Nidaan Dental Clinic is a Dental Services Clinic in Indore. Their services, apart from general dentistry, also include Braces, Implants, Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeries, Gum Surgeries, Child Care (Pediatric Dentistry) and Cosmetic Treatments.

Upto 28% Discount on Dental Services at Nidaan Dental Clinic, Sham Tower in Indore.

Offer 1 : Oral Prophylaxis - Consultation and Scaling
Actual Price : Rs.1800 AI
Discounted Price : Rs.1500 AI

Offer 2 : Oral Prophylaxis with Restoration - Consultation, Scaling, Cosmetic Restoration of 2 Teeth.
Actual Price : Rs.3800 AI
Discounted Price : Rs.2500 AI

Offer 3 : Oral Prophylaxis with Rehabilitation - Consultation, Scaling and Metal Prosthesis up to 3 Unit.
Actual Price: Rs.9300 AI
Discounted Price : Rs.7000 AI

Offer 4 : Oral Prophylaxis with Rehabilitation - Consultation, Scaling and Cosmetic Prosthesis up to 3 Unit
Actual Price : Rs.13,800 AI
Discounted Price : Rs.10,000 AI

Call for an Appointment, Validity of the Voucher and more Details : +91 - 9826331130.

How to get offer:
1: Download the coupon to your Email or Mobile.
2: Call Nidaan Dental Clinic for an Appointment and announce the Coupon.

Nidaan Dental Clinic Address:
105, Sham Tower, Opp. Hotel Shrimaya, Indore - 452001.

Nidaan Dental Clinic Residence Clinic Address:
172, Gumasta Nagar, Near Venkatesh Mandir, Indore - 452001.

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Nidaan Dental Clinic offers
Nidaan Dental Clinic Health-Dental sales India

General Dentistry

An extensive menu of general dental services is offered at Nidaan. This includes Consultancies as well as procedures such as Scaling, Cleaning, Fillings, Tooth Extractions, Dentures, Crowns, Caps, Bridges and more. State-of-the-art facilities and a fantastic team of doctors ensure that their services are superior quality and completely focused on results. There is also a Pediatric section for children out here. Get your complete family checked here to not only cure but also prevent any future damage to your teeth.

Specialized Services

Specialized Dental Services at Nidaan include Braces, Implants, Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeries, Gum Surgeries, Cosmetic Treatments and a lot more. Their team of specialists understand your teeth, its issues and needs before finalizing on treatments. All treatments are tailor-made to address patient-specific concerns thus making results also precise and perfect. There is complete transparency as well; you will know exactly what they intend to do on your teeth and why. Only then is the treatment started. The decision is always finally yours to take! Please share Nidaan Dental Clinic discount coupon page on your social media profiles.

Nidaan Dental Clinic Details

Nidaan Dental Clinic, a clinic in Indore, offers you a complete range of Dental Treatments, both general and condition-based. They showcase the most modern equipment & technology along with tried, tested & the newest techniques of dentistry. Their team is also made up of highly experienced and qualified General Dentists, Dental Lab Technicians, Paedodontists, Implantologists, Hygienists, Dental Technicians, Endodontists and Orthodontists among others. Be it Braces, Implants, Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeries, Gum Surgeries, Child Care Pediatric Dentistry, Cosmetic Treatments or any other, count on Nidaan Dental Clinic to ensure procedures that are effective and results that are flawless.

Nidaan Dental Clinic Corporate Address

105, Sham Tower Opp. Hotel Shrimaya,
Indore, India 452001

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