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The Nine Months Pregnancy Coupons - Online Courses

The Nine Months Pregnancy Coupons: Get 20% OFF on Online Classes.

Get The Nine Months Pregnancy Coupons - Online Courses

The Nine Months Pregnancy is a Pregnancy Exercise Programme started by Dr. Rita Shah in Mumbai that allows to to learn anything and everything about your pregnancy and child. It offers prenatal and postnatal courses, along with online options as well.

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1) How to Redeem Coupon: In order to avail the offer please enter the coupon code in "Your Message" box at while booking.

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The Nine Months Pregnancy offers
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Online Courses

For those who live outside Mumbai and who cannot attend onsite classes, The Nine Months Pregnancy offers online options as well. The Nine Months Pregnancy bring to you online Pregnancy Classes with Lamaze Breathing Techniques that could be accessed wherever you are. The process is simple. Once you join them and make payment, a package of documents are sent to you. This includes 8 exclusive video modules covering Breastfeeding, Nutrition, Postpartum, Cesarean Birth, Labour & Delivery, Father’s Role during Pregnancy and Pregnancy Exercises. You can also learn the Lamaze Breathing Techniques online through a skype session with the doctor. Isn’t that cool?!

Prenatal and Postnatal Courses

Onsite Prenatal and Postnatal sessions are extremely useful and invigorating for mothers to be. At The Nine Months Pregnancy, you can, though various dynamic sessions, learn everything from breastfeeding, nutrition, labour & delivery, paediatrics, post-partum, caesarean birth and father’s role through pregnancy to the well-known Lamaze Breathing Techniques effortlessly. You can also become an expert in understanding your child, breastfeeding issues, settling the baby’s sleep pattern, introducing solids to the baby, baby recipes, how to deal with the dreaded tooth fairy, weaning techniques and more. Please share The Nine Months Pregnancy Discount Coupon page on your social media profiles.

The Nine Months Pregnancy Details

The Nine Months Pregnancy, a Pregnancy Exercise Programme started by the renowned Dr. Rita Shah in Mumbai, offers you the perfect platform to get rid of all worries, discomforts and anxieties associated with both the prenatal and postnatal stages in your pregnancy. With live classes as well as online courses, anyone anywhere could now access the The Nine Months Pregnancy Program and ensure that your journey is one of safety, joy, excitement and fun. You can get all the necessary information from them on breastfeeding, new-born care, diet, nutrition, postpartum, caesarean birth, labour and more. A highly qualified and certified instructor also takes you through a special pregnancy exercise program with breathing techniques that will not only help during your delivery but also calm you and keep you in better health, both physically and emotionally. So if you are pregnant or have just given birth to a new life, log on to The Nine Months Pregnancy and get going confidently!

The Nine Months Pregnancy Corporate Address

13/D, Tahnee Heights, Petit Hall, 66,
Nepean Sea Road,
Mumbai, India 400006

Website: http://www.ninemonthspregnancy.com
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Nine-Months-Lamaze-Pregnancy-Exercises-Programme-166344060049221
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rita_ninemonths

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