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No Escape Offers - Bandra

Get 50% Discount on a Group Size of 6 or More at No Escape Bandra, Mumbai.

Offer End Date Oct 31, 2021

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At their Bandra Centre, you can play the 60 Minute escape room game where you and your team are locked in a room. Using their detective skills and the elements in the room they need to figure a way out. A lot of thrills and excitement are guaranteed.

Get 50% Off on a Group Size of 6 or More at No Escape Bandra, Mumbai.

Offer: Get 50% Off on a Group Size of 6 or More

1) Valid only on Weekdays
2) Min. 6 Players Required
3) Offer Cannot be Clubbed with other Offers / Vouchers.
4) Pre Booking is Mandatory
5) All 6 tickets need to be used in a single game.

Timings of No Escape Bandra Outlet: 11.30 AM to 8.30 PM

How to use the No Escape Bandra Offers:
1) Download the Coupon to your Email. Please check the Junk Folder too.
Note: UPto75.com Vouchers are always Free. No need to buy.
2) The email will have the address and phone numbers of the Bandra Escape Room Centre.
3) Call them up for a booking and tell them that you have an email from UPto75.com.
4) Present the email before buying the tickets.
5) Pay the Price after the discount to them directly.
6) For any issue before buying the tickets, please call UPto75.com Support Number: +91-8008887500

Address of the Escape Room in Bandra West:
B18, Hill Road, Elco Market, Elco Arcade, Bandra West, Mumbai-400050

COVID Safety Measures at Bandra Centre
Limited Crowd and on Appointment
Hand Sanitizer, temperature Check and Face Masks.

No Escape India Addresses and Location
1: How is this played?
People are locked up in a room. They need to solve mysteries, puzzles or clues to get out from the room in a given time frame.

2: Who all can play this mystery room game?
It is a group game for 2 to 8 people. Suitable for Families, Friends, Kids, College Students or Office Colleagues.

3: Will there be various themes?
Yes, escape room themes at the Bandra outlet are Casino Heist and Prison Break.

4: How long will each mystery room game be?
1 Hour.

5: How many centres are there in Mumbai?
Currently 1 - Bandra. Malad one is closed.

6: Will I get a group discount on mystery room ticket prices?
No. Unless it is a big corporate booking.

7: How does one buy the mystery room tickets?
UPto75.com coupons are not valid to buy tickets online. You need to call the Bandra outlet to book tickets and pay at the centre when you visit them. Their numbers will be there in the email

8: Is the outlet open on all days?
Yes. But on Mondays only on prior booking.

9: Can corporate teams play these games?
Yes. These would be excellent for team building activities.

10: What else we can do at this place?
You can have a birthday party here. These games will bond your friends and families like never before. You can go on this Adventure with your Date or host a Kitty Party.

11: Do we need to wear particular clothing to play these games?
Any comfortable clothing would do.
T&Cs and more Info on No Escape

How to download No Escape coupons on UPto75.com

1. Click on Orange colored button above. Fill the email form and the code will be sent to your email.
2. Before you visit, please check with No Escape, if you have any questions regarding the deal.
3. Once you are at merchant place, show the email before the order is placed.
4. If coupon is not being honored, contact UPto75.com Support.
This Offer is exclusive to UPto75.com Users.

Prison Break

If you are opting for the theme, ‘Prison Break’, you are locked up in a cell and charged for money laundering as directed by some corrupt agencies. There, you chance upon a coded escape plan and cracking it on time would pave way to your well-deserved victory. Would you be able to get out in time or bear penalties based on the false accusations?!

Casino Heist

Casino Heist is an interesting mystery room theme that you could try out. As the story goes, your friend is in a deep gambling debt and the only way you could save him is by robbing a casino. It is a gamble for you too but if you really wish to get your friend out of the mess, you need to follow the clues laid out by an insider & well-wisher in the casino. Shadow the trail and get the loot on time to avoid getting caught!

Museum Robbery

Museum Robbery is an adrenaline pumping game and as the name suggests, all you need to do is pick up the targeted piece of art from the museum and get out without alerting security. How you do it is, of course, your talent.

About Company

No Escape offers thrilling and highly popular 60 minute mystery room games. They have centres in Bandra and Malad in Mumbai. The mystery room game involves an exciting set of clues to help you escape from a room you are locked in. All you need to do is use your common sense to solve the clues provided and find your way out within the designated time. A wide array of out-of-the-box designs and props that supplement the ‘story’ of the room are offered, along with exciting puzzles to crack. It is played in groups of 2 to 10 players. As long as you are over the age of 12, you are ready to go. The game is exhilarating, fun and totally engaging! It is an experience enjoyed equally by both adults as well as teenagers.


Bandra Centre: 11.30 AM to 8.30 PM

Corporate Address

B – 18, Elco Arcade, Hill Road
Bandra West
Mumbai, India 400057
Website: http://www.noescape.in

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