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Pearl Dental Clinic Offers in Bengaluru

Rs.200 for Dental Scaling, Polishing, X-Ray, 1 Tooth Color Filling at Pearl Dental Clinic, Bangalore

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Pearl Dental Clinic aims to provide the right and long lasting treatment to the patients. They are located at CMH road opposite to CMH Hospital.

It specializes in:
Root canal treatment
Periodontal Surgery
Orthodontic Braces
Tooth Jewelery

Offer from Pearl Dental Clinic: Rs.200 for Dental Scaling, Polishing, X-Ray, 1 Tooth Color Filling & MORE worth Rs 2000/-

Pearl Dental Clinic Location:
730/2, 1st Floor, CMH Road, Indira Nagar 1st stage, Bengaluru, India 560038

Call for Appointment or more Details: 7795093673

Pearl Dental Clinic India Addresses and Location
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Root Canal Treatment

For decayed tooth, the only option, apart from extraction, is the Root Canal. Most people prefer root canal over extraction as it would not necessitate replacing an entire tooth. After a Root Canal, Ceramic Crowns or Caps are placed on them to keep them safe and strong. The process is painless and effective, And to make your Root Canal experience stress-free and easy, Pearl Dental Clinic creates an environment that is totally comfortable and friendly. The usual stigmas of fear and discomfort attached to Dental Clinics may be hard to erase but well under control at Pearl giving you a relaxed and conducive environment!


Dental Scaling is primarily an effective solution for treating gum diseases. Moreover, this process also ensures that your teeth are made clean, smooth and free of bacteria. It is a non-surgical method and an effective preventive treatment. There are manual and equipment-operated scaling techniques based on your concern and solutions arrived at. Pearl Dental Clinic brings to you effective Scaling treatments effected by highly experienced specialists.

Orthodontic Braces

For those who have slightly protruding teeth or teeth that are irregular, Orthodontic Braces is the appropriate choice. These are devices that help align your teeth, widen the palate or jaws and shape teeth. Pressure is employed to move the teeth to the correct positions. There are various kinds of dental braces and treatments which are offered based on the condition of your teeth. At Pearl Dental Clinic, they analyse your teeth, understand your issues and come up with the best way of handling it. They also offer post treatment care with retainers and regular check-ups.

About Company

Pearl Dental Clinic, a well-known and affordable dental care centre in Bangalore, offers you an exhaustive range of services and treatments including Root Canal Treatment, Scaling, Orthodontic Braces, Implants, Extraction, Tooth Jewellery and Periodontal Surgery among others. They focus on quality treatment using state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained experienced staff. The dentists are specialists and reputed. They offer consultations to first understand your problem and then arrive upon the perfect solution for you. They ensure that you know exactly what is being done so that you are prepared, yet composed.

Corporate Address

#730/2, CMH Road, Indiranagar, 1st Stage
Bengaluru, India 560038

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