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Drive away from your home the pests for only Rs.599 – Professional Pest Control Services Mumbai.

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Professional Pest Control is the only company in Mumbai which has got its entire staff as women who are capable of delivering services which are safe and provide 100% customer satisfaction, They are ISO certified and also possess valid government lisence for offering the Pest Control Services.

Offer : Get Upto 50% OFF on all Pest Control Services at Professional Pest Control, Mumbai.

Offer 1 : Car Pest Control
Actual Price : Rs.650, Discounted Price : Rs.299

Offer 2 : Get rid of Cockroaches, German Cockroaches, Black Ants, Red Ants, Flies, Spiders and other Crawling Insects and also get FREE Gel Treatement for Kitchen and Washing Area
Actual Price : Rs.1200, Discounted Price : Rs.599

Offer 3 : Bed Bugs Pest Control
Actual Price : Rs.1600, Discounted Price : Rs.899

Offer 4 : Termite Pest Control
Actual Price : Rs.1600, Discounted Price : Rs.899

Offer 5 : Woodborrer Pest Control
Actual Price : Rs.1800, Discounted Price : Rs.999

* It is only Women Doing Service.
* It is an ISO CERTIFIED Company

-> Official website :Professional Pest Control Services

How to get Professional Pest Control Offers:
1) Click here to book Professional Pest Control Offers
2) Fill up the form.
3) We will send you the Professional Pest Control Coupon in less than 4 Business Hours.

Call for Booking & More Details: +91-8008887500

Professional Pest Control Address:
Room No:2, Bldg No: 5, Mahatma Gandhi CHS, Near T Junction Bus Stop, Bandra link road, Dharavi, Mumbai - 400017

Professional Pest Control India Addresses and Location
T&Cs and more Info on Professional Pest Control

Terms and Conditions

1) Booking of order should be 3 days before the service date.
2) Please keep Small Kids and Pets away during Pest Control Treatment.
3) Offer Valid in Complete Mumbai. Area Upto 1BHK (point odourless and odour Chemicals are Used according to Customer requirement during pestcontrol services).
4) Service Done by Professional Staff Only.
5.After Service please keep your House Closed for 3 hours duration.
6) Bedbugs Service Will Take 3 hrs time
7) Termite and Woodborrer Service Includes just spray service.

Professional Pest Control offers Professional Pest Control 0 sales India Professional Pest Control coupons


Cockroaches carry with them, germs and viruses that cause diseases in humans. And rightly so, ensuring that your homes or offices are free from the infestation of these harmful cockroaches is vital. At Professional Pest Control, they offer you good quality and dependable solutions for all kinds of spaces, be it hospitals, offices, hotels, apartments or independent houses. Their chemical sprays and gels are odourless, non-toxic and safe. So you can save your homes from cockroaches effortlessly and effectively. Please Share Professional Pest Control Discount Coupon Page on Your Social Media Profiles.


There are a wide variety of ants, be it termites which are white ants, red ants or black ants. At Professional Pest Control, both Pre and Post Construction Treatments are offered to prevent or get rid of these termites and ants. One of the most commonly sought-after method for doing this is the Direct Liquid Treatment. Here, the pesticide is applied inside, outside and within the foundation of the building ensuring complete protection from all sides. Fumigation is another technique that’s very popular. Professional Pest Control check out your premises to identify the problem, its source and its extent before suggesting any solution.


Bed Bugs, Rodents, Wood Borers, Spiders, Mosquitos and Pigeons are also nuisances that need to be dealt with for a safe and healthy living or working space. A few tried and tested methods they employ, depending on the kind of pest, include Injection, Spraying, Brushing, Fumigation, Baiting, Trapping and Proofing, to name a few. For Pigeons, processes such as cleaning and sanitization are used. They also provide net covers or use bird scaring and trapping tools where necessary. The most innovative solutions are offered on a customized basis.

About Company

Professional Pest Control, a leading Government Authorized Pest Control Services Company in Mumbai, offers you a comprehensive gamut of Residential and Commercial Pest Control Solutions. Be it Spiders, Bedbugs, Termites, Wood Borers, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Ants or any other, their solutions and treatments are highly effective, long lasting and affordable. Both Pre and Post Construction Pest Control are undertaken by them. The latest in technology and techniques ensure that their treatments are Safe, Hygienic and totally Customized to meet your space requirements. Count on Professional Pest Control to assess, implement, follow-up on your home or office’s pest condition and finally rid you entirely of these pests.

Corporate Address

Room No:2, Bldg No: 5, Mahatma Gandhi CHS,
Near T Junction Bus Stop,Bandra link road,Dharavi,
Mumbai, India 400017
Website: http://professionalpestcontrol.in/

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