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Sattviko is a shopping portal exclusively for yoga-based products, both branded and handpicked from the cottage industries. They have a good number of holistic, natural and herbal Food Products, Beverages, Groceries and Home Care, Health Care & Personal Care Products for you offered at competitive prices.
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Food & Health

A fantastic selection of food products, beverages, groceries, body care products and nutritional supplements are offered online Sattviko for your benefit. Practicing yoga for the body and soul is highly effective, but also adhering to yoga products such as these ensure that your entire wellbeing in addressed holistically and flawlessly. Sattviko have a comprehensive range of products for you to make part of your daily staple diet including Pulses, Flours, Spices, Sugar, Jaggery, Salt, Honey, Ghee, Snacks, Chutneys, Corn Flakes, Dry Fruits & Nuts, Health Capsules, Soups & Bottles, Candies, Juices and much more.

Home & Personal Care

Along with the food you eat, the products that you apply on your body also impacts your overall wellbeing. So choosing the right products is important. At Sattviko, they bring to you a good selection of Face Washes, Creams, Soaps, Body Washes, Salts, Baby Products, Shampoos, Oils, Conditioners, Body Lotions, Essential Oils and much more. There is also an exclusive Home Section that sells the most effective Herbal Insect Killers and Floor Cleaners. They are safe and totally harmless. Sattviko also showcases a lovely collection of Plants and Herbs that you could check out.

Yoga & Ayurveda

Yoga is one of the finest forms of exercises, one that nourishes both your body and your soul. Sattviko encourages health enthusiasts to practice yoga in its varied forms through yoga classes and stays that teach them the techniques and methods in detail. Also connected to yoga, is Ayurveda. Ayurveda magically transforms herbs into medications that can save lives. At Sattviko, you can buy some highly effective Ayurvedic supplements and nutritional products that facilitate good health!. Please share this Sattviko discount coupon page on your social media profiles.

About Company

Sattviko, an exclusive online shopping portal for yoga products started in 2014, offers you an astonishing variety of natural and herbal Food Products, Beverages, Groceries and Home Care, Health Care & Personal Care Products at great rates. Yoga has always been a part of our lives in India. By adding a yoga diet also to your lifestyle in terms of food and products used, you are enhancing your wellness and health twofold. At Sattviko, they combine some of the most trusted brands with authentic high-quality products from our cottage industries to form a collection that is inclusive, yet totally reliable. You can buy everything and anything you need for yourself or your home out here without any apprehensions over their impact on your wellbeing. With a thrust on quality health and wellbeing, it won the "Best Debutant Restaurant Chain" award in the same year that it was incepted.

Corporate Address

Rays Culinary Delights Pvt. Ltd.
117B/9, Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj,
Delhi, India 110070
Website: http://www.sattviko.com

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