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Shobha Nargundkar Offers in Hyderabad

Workshops and Counseling for Individuals and Corporates, By Shobha Nargundkar, Hyderabad.

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Workshops - Live Your Passions, The Magic of Radical Forgiveness, Reflections, Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious with Self Hypnosis by Shobha Nargundkar.

List of Courses (Scroll Down for More Details): 
1) Live Your Passions
2) The Magic of Radical Forgiveness
3) Reflections
4) EKAA FOUNDATION COURSE for Self Empowerment – Certificate Course (Self-Hypnosis)

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Call for More Details: +91 9848344671

Shobha Nargundkar India Addresses and Location
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Identify your passions, live them, feel more charged and empowered
By living on your passions you add the zing back into your life
Live more fully, doing the things you love
Feel excited and happy to wake up every morning

'The one hour of cricket that I play every Sunday after I did the Passion workshop has elevated my life to another level. Though it’s a small thing, it charges me like nothing else. Life has somehow undergone a 180 degree change for the better. Now suddenly travel (went on a great vacation to Goa), music (enjoy
listening to music again), people (meeting them and having fun), writing (blogs, books), nature – all the things I listed down as my passions are showing up more often. Life’s more exciting and fun. Go live your passion. Get a life.'

THE MAGIC OF RADICAL FORGIVENESS - Self Healing and Self-Empowerment - through Radical Forgiveness

Shobha is India’s first Radical Forgiveness Coach and has been personally trained by Colin Tipping. The Magic of Radical Forgiveness workshop helps you to -
Dissolve blocks in your life by experiencing a shift in energy around the situation
Release old perceptions that hold your pain and sadness in place
Engage your higher wisdom and cultivate self love to be empowered
Feel more integrated, more true to yourself and more peaceful
Issue could be -Money, relationships, health, addiction, depression, feeling used, abandoned etc


Experiential 2 day workshop to deal with issues in your life
Interactive workshop that gives an insight into life’s experiences and empowers you
Teaches tools and techniques to deal with unpleasant emotions arising out of unsupportive relationships, money issues, work pressure and whatever else you may be dealing with.
Takes you through processes for releasing past trauma, anger, bitterness, resentment and guilt - to free the energy for your present passions.
Helps you to consciously create a life that you want, build a healthy self image and improve self confidence

Email or Call 98483 44671 for details/registration.

EKAA FOUNDATION COURSE for Self Empowerment – Certificate Course
(Formerly California Hypnosis Institute of India)
As a certified hypnotherapist, Shobha is certified to conduct the EKAA Foundation Course for Self-Empowerment – A Certificate Course.
An introduction to Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
Theory of the mind, How the mind works, How to use the power of your mind to heal yourself
Self Hypnosis to reduce stress, achieve goals, improve sleep patterns, build self-esteem
You will receive a certificate from EKAA Foundation for this Course.
Duration : 3 hours

About Company

Shobha Nargundkar is a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach from the Radical Forgiveness Institute at Atlanta. She has over 10 years of experience in coaching clients. She has used and continues to use Radical Forgiveness to achieve rapid results in all areas of life – relationships, work, friends, family and health.  She believes that practicing Radical Forgiveness is an elegant way to make oneself and thereby the world a happier place.
Her mission is to live with joy, to unconditionally accept herself and others, and to help others do the same. Radical Forgiveness is a technology she teaches to support anyone who seeks freedom from unproductive emotional patterns.
Shobha is also an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist and meets clients by appointment. She also teaches Self Hypnosis for groups to empower them to maximize the power of the subconscious mind.

Corporate Address

Plot No 35, Sundar Nagar,
Hyderabad, India 500038

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