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Offer End Date Jul 31, 2021

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It is a peer to peer learning platform online. Skillzcafe courses are broad-ranging and covers Development, Business & Finance, Marketing, Design, Personal Development, Lifestyle and Teaching & Academics, among others. Skillzcafe Coupons are most sought after.

Trending Skillzcafe Offers on Self Paced online courses
Learn Data Science Tutorial for Free   Grab Deal
Get Wordpress Beginner Tutorial: Build Your First Website for free   Grab Deal
SQL Crash Course : PostgreSQL for Beginners   Grab Deal
Buy Python Bootcamp 2020 Build 15 working Applications and Games at Rs.500   Grab Deal
Get Machine Learning Regression Analysis in Python at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Buy Complete C++ Tutorial   Grab Deal
Learn to build iOS and Android Apps at INR500   Grab Deal
Skillzcafe Offers on Software Development Courses
Python Bootcamp Course at Rs.500   Grab Deal
Free SQL Crash Course   Grab Deal
Free Data Science Course   Grab Deal
Complete C++ Tutorial at Rs.500   Grab Deal
The Ultimate iOS 11 & Swift 4 Course at Rs.750   Grab Deal
Introduction on Jira and Confluence at Rs.500   Grab Deal
Introduction to Azure DevOps Server at Rs.500   Grab Deal
Complete Step By Step Java For Testers at Rs.368   Grab Deal
Machine Learning for Beginners at Rs.500   Grab Deal
Skillzcafe Offers on Business and Finance Courses
Free Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions Course   Grab Deal
Fundamentals Data Analysis & Decision Making at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Simple Accounting Course at Rs.717   Grab Deal
Practical Accounting and Financial Analysis for Beginners at Rs.472   Grab Deal
Learn Strategies for Startups & innovative Business at Rs.425   Grab Deal
The Complete WordPress Website and SEO Training at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Instagram Marketing Masterclass at Rs.425   Grab Deal
The Amazon FBA Private Label Masterclass at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Learn Strategies for Startups & innovative Business at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Skillzcafe Offers on Marketing Courses
Free CPA Marketing Introduction Course   Grab Deal
Free Build Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels Course   Grab Deal
Social Media Marketing Masterclass at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Google Ads / AdWords Masterclass at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Digital Marketing Advertising Masterclass at Rs.425   Grab Deal
The Complete SEO Training Masterclass at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing Masterclass at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Affiliate Marketing Secrets: Earn Big Reviewing Products at Rs.425   Grab Deal
How to use Instagram for Business at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Making Facebook Ads Super Easy at Rs.500   Grab Deal
Brand & Consumer Psychology Masterclass at Rs.1009   Grab Deal
Offers on Design Courses
Practical Photoshop: Create 40 Graphic Design Projects at Rs.750   Grab Deal
How to Create a Stunning Artwork in just 30 Minutes at Rs.1614   Grab Deal
Blender 2.8x fundamentals at Rs.1345   Grab Deal
Blender 2.8 Creating Modeling a 3D Game Asset at Rs.538   Grab Deal
Sculpt And Paint Your Own 3D Printable Halloween Pumpkin at Rs.1040   Grab Deal
Basics of Twitch TV Video Game Live Streaming at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Building Landpages WordPress at Rs.425   Grab Deal
SkillzCafe Offers on Professional Development Courses
Professional Life Coach at Rs.283   Grab Deal
Taylor Croonquist at Rs.885   Grab Deal
An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence at Rs.2152   Grab Deal
Learn How To Get Your Dream Job at Rs.425   Grab Deal
How to be a confident and powerful public speaker at Rs.10355   Grab Deal
Resume Writing/ Branding Tips, Tricks To Hunt Your Dream Job at Rs.1614   Grab Deal
Offers on LifeStyle Courses
Acoustic Bass guitar at Rs.1016   Grab Deal
Resin Geode Basics at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Drawing Landscapes using Pastel Pencils at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Resin and Alcohol Ink Art Basics at Rs.425   Grab Deal
Offers on Teaching and Academics Courses
How To Use Google Sites at Rs.1883   Grab Deal
Mind Mapping for Training, Teaching and Presenting at Rs.425   Grab Deal
How To Use Nearpod at Rs.1883   Grab Deal
The Complete Guide To Getting A Teaching Job at Rs.425   Grab Deal
How to Use Powtoon To Create Video Animations at Rs,1883   Grab Deal
The Ins & Outs of Google Slides at Rs.1883   Grab Deal
Total Number of Skillzcafe Offers and Coupons - 59

T&Cs and more Info on Skillzcafe


Under Development, it brings to you a variety of options such as Web Development, Programming, IT & Software, Game Development, Mobile Apps, Databases, Development Tools, Data Science and Testing. With highly adept instructors and extensive content, half the battle is already won! You can count on them to combine theory with practical exercises for a holistic and thorough learning experience.

Business & Finance

Business & Finance is yet another area that it specializes in. Subject under this include Data & Analytics, Management, Product Management, E Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Strategy, HR, Communications, Project Management, Economics, Blockchain and more. Find a humungous amount of resources and highly effective sessions out here to give you a complete idea of your respective focus areas. Use Skillzcafe Coupons and save on the course fee.


Other courses comprise of Product Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Animation, User Experience, Game Design, Web Design, Design Tools, Personal Transformation, Productivity, Leadership, Career Enhancement, Happiness, Health & Fitness, Music, Language Teaching and more. Also checkout some lovely Lifestyle related courses such as Food & Beverage, Beauty & Make up, Home Improvement & D├ęcor, Travel, Art & Craft and Pet Care.

About Company

Skillzcafe, a trusted educational platform online that encourages peer to peer learning, offers you a diverse assortment of courses brought to you by world-class instructors at amazing rates. If you are in possession of knowledge that can be shared with others, or if you are on the lookout for a better understanding of specific subjects, it brings the two together to create an ambience that benefits both! It offers a number of On-Demand courses that can be learnt at your own pace. Furthermore, being part of a Global Learning Community also helps you build new perspectives & ideas. Categories of courses offered by them include Development, Business & Finance, Marketing, Design, Personal Development, Lifestyle and Teaching & Academics, among others.

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