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StarQuik Grocery Coupons: Save on Groceries, Branded Foods & Beverages in Mumbai.
Offer End Date Apr 30, 2019

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StarQuik is an online grocery store and part of the TATA Group. They showcase over 10000 different products of the finest of brands and this includes Groceries, Staples, Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy, Bakery, Beverages, Branded Food, Home Care & Fashion Products, Personal Care Solutions and much more. Delivery only in Mumbai.

StarQuik Offers & Coupons: Exclusive For New Users
Get Rs.500 Cashback on Valid on First 3 Transactions   Click here
Starquik Offers on Beverages
Up to 30% OFF on Juices & Concentrates. Only on Selected Brands   Click here
Buy One Get One Free Offer on Soft Drinks   Click here
Sodas & Water    Click here
Best Prices on Health Drinks   Click here
Up to 10% OFF on Tea, Coffee & Whiteners   Click here
Starquik Offers on Branded Foods
Best Prices on Baby Foods   Click here
Buy 4 Get One Free on Bakery & Biscuits   Click here
Up to 25% OFF on Breakfast Cereals   Click here
Buy 2 Get One Free on Chocolates & Confectionaries   Click here
Up to 40% OFF on Desserts & Instant Mix   Click here
Instant Dishes   Click here
Pickles & Papads   Click here
Up to 20% OFF Sauces & Jams   Click here
Buy 2 Get 30% OFF on Wafers & Namkeens   Click here
Up to 15% OFF on Noodles & Pastas   Click here
Starquik Offers on Dairy, Eggs & Milk
Best Deals on Bakery Batters   Click here
Best Deals on Butter & Cheese   Click here
Best Deals on Curd, Paneer   Click here
Best Deals on Eggs   Click here
Best Deals on Milk   Click here
Starquik Offers on Food Grains, Atta & Oil
Up to 20% OFF on Atta & Other Flours   Click here
Up to 20% OFF on Food Grains & Pulses   Click here
Up to 20% OFF on Rice   Click here
Up to 20% OFF on Edible Oils & Ghee   Click here
Up to 13% OFF on Dry Fruits   Click here
Up to 20% OFF on Masalas   Click here
Up to 20% OFF on Salt, Sugar & Jaggery   Click here
Up to 20% OFF on Wheat & Soya Products   Click here
Starquik Offers on Vegetables, Frozen Veg & Meats
10% Cashback Fruits & Vegetables   Click here
10% Cashback on Vegetables & Greens   Click here
Up to 13% OFF on Sea food   Click here
Up to 13% OFF on Meat   Click here
StarQuik Offers on Home & Fashion Care
Dining Essentials   Click here
Home Utilities   Click here
Kitchen Appliances   Click here
Paper Products   Click here
Repellants   Click here
Cleaners   Click here
Freshners   Click here
Shoe Care   Click here
StarQuik Offers on Personal Care Products
Up to 50% OFF on Beauty & Cosmetics   Click here
Best Prices on Health & Wellness Products   Click here
Flat Rs.70 OFF on Feminine Care Products   Click here
Up to 50% OFF on Hair Care   Click here
Up to 20% OFF on Shaving Needs   Click here
Up to 20% OFF on Oral Care   Click here
Total Number of StarQuik Offers and Coupons - 47

Terms and Conditions

Presently delivered only in Mumbai

Groceries & more

Fruits, Vegetables, Staples, Frozen Vegetables, Flours, Dals, Pulses, Edible Oils, Ghee, Masalas, Rice, Wheat, Cereals, Noodles, Pastas, Teas, Coffees, Pickles, Sauces, Condiments, Instant Food, Dried Goods, Dry Fruits, Snacks, Desserts and a lot more form part of StarQuik’s Edible essentials. Chicken, Meat and Seafood, different forms, also form part of their non-vegetarian list. You can place your order online and have them deliver fresh & superior quality products to you, fresh and in great condition! Please share this Starquik discount coupon page on your social media profiles.

Personal Care

A range of exciting Personal Care Products are offered at StarQuik. This includes Baby Accessories, Baby Creams & Lotions, Baby Diapers & Baby Wipes, Hair & Body Oil, Baby Soaps & Shampoos, Diapers & Wipes, Powders, Creams & Lotions, Body Wash, Hand Wash, Face Cleansers, Soaps, Beauty Products & Cosmetics, Bleaches, Face Packs, Hair Removers, Combs & Brushes, Products for the Eye, Lips & Nails, Perfumes, Deos, Talcs, Skin Wipes, Fem Care Products, Panty Liners, Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Hair Colours, Hair Gels & Creams, Oils, Shampoos, Conditioners, Antiseptic Lotions & Creams, Condoms, Cotton Buds & Bandages, Digestives, Health Supplements, Pain Relievers, Oral Care, Mouthwashes, Toothbrushes, Toothpastes, Toothpowders, Shaving Apparatus, Cartridges, Razors, other Shaving Accessories, Stationery, Vests, Briefs and much more.

Home Care & Fashion

An assorted collection of home & fashion products such as Batteries, Tubes & Bulbs, Floor Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Toilet Cleaners, Utensil Cleaners, Cook N Serve, Cutlery, Fabric Conditioners, Whiteners, Detergent Bars, Liquids & Powders, Air Fresheners, Home Utilities like Brooms & Brushes, Dusters, Scrubs, Wipes, Mats, Pooja Products, Ropes & Clips, Towels & others, Kitchen Cutting Aids, Kitchen Implements, Paper Products & Disposables, Disposable Dining, Face Tissues, Hand Tissues, Toilet Tissues, Wraps, Pet Care Accessories, Pet Food, Repellents, Creams & Others, Machine & Refills, Sprays, Shoe Brushes & Accessories and Shoe Polishes, among others, form part of StarQuik’s products catalogue. The collection is grand. Ask and you get it here.

StarQuik Details

StarQuik, a leading grocery store online and a TATA enterprise, offers you an extensive assortment of Groceries, Staples, Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy, Bakery, Beverages, Branded Food, Home Care & Fashion Products, Personal Care Solutions and much more, of the most cherished brands. With over 10,000 products available to you at a click and delivered within 3 hours of purchase, their customers can sit back and enjoy shopping from the comforts of their home. More importantly, by sourcing most of their fresh merchandise directly from manufacturers and with a range of discount offers, they get to sell all your favourite brands and products to you at rates that are much lower than MRP. Returns Policy is also very customer-friendly. So, you can now, with StarQuik, shop for all your daily essentials without any worry about the stresses of traffics, queues and crowds.

StarQuik Corporate Address

Starquik, Tata venture

Website: https://www.starquik.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TataStarQuik
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarQuik

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