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Offer End Date Dec 31, 2021

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India's 1st omni channel meat company, it offers farm fresh meats & seafoods through offline stores, online (Website & APP) store & Callcenter. 100% Halal, healthy, hygienic and uncontaminated meat adhering to WHO standards. TenderCuts offers chicken, seafood, mutton, exotic meats, marinades, pickles and eggs. Tendercuts Coupons are most sought after.

Currently it is operational in the cities of Chennai and Hyderabad.

Latest Tendercuts Coupons and Offers on its Online Meat Store.

Popular Deals
Party Packs: Save Up to 21% OFF on Chicken, Prawns & Marinades   Grab Deal
Combo Packs: Save More With Special Combos Starting at Rs.319   Grab Deal
Tendercuts Offers on Subscriptions
1 Month Subscription at Rs.65
3 Months Subscription at Rs.199
6 Months Subscription at Rs.299
Subscribe & Get Benefits of Scheduled Free Delivery & 5 X Rewards   Grab Deal
Best Deals
Indian Makerel/Ayila at Rs.199   Grab Deal
Rohu Large (800 Gms to 1.2 Kg) at Rs.219   Grab Deal
Peri Peri Chicken at Rs.99   Grab Deal
Chilli Garlic Prawns at Rs.114   Grab Deal
Pepper Chicken at Rs.54   Grab Deal
Tendercuts Offers on Chicken Varieties
Chicken Curry Cut (Skin Off) at Rs.115   Grab Deal
Premium Chicken-Strips (Boneless) at Rs.160   Grab Deal
Smoky Turmeric Country Chicken - Skin on at Rs.399   Grab Deal
Premium Chicken-Supreme (Boneless) at Rs.180   Grab Deal
Smoky Turmeric Country Chicken - Skin On at Rs.399   Grab Deal
Country Chicken Curry Cut - Skin on at Rs.379   Grab Deal
Chicken Drumsticks at Rs.150   Grab Deal
Chicken Thigh & Leg (Boneless) at Rs.220   Grab Deal
Chicken Wings at Rs.130   Grab Deal
Tendercuts Offers on Meat Varieties
Free Range Mutton Rib Chops at Rs.469   Grab Deal
Free Range Goat Curry Cut at Rs.469   Grab Deal
Free Range Mutton Shoulder Meat at Rs.499   Grab Deal
Mutton Mince at Rs.240   Grab Deal
Goat Biryani Cut at Rs.489   Grab Deal
Mutton Curry Cut (1 Kg) at Rs.939   Grab Deal
Mutton Trotters at Rs.399   Grab Deal
Tendercuts Offers on Seafood
Prawns/Eral - Deshelled (Small) at Rs.189   Grab Deal
Sea Butterfish at Rs.339   Grab Deal
Prawn Medium Deshelled (1 Kg) at Rs.479   Grab Deal
Black Pomfert At Rs.529   Grab Deal
White Pomfert at Rs.659   Grab Deal
Pearl Spot / Karimeen at Rs.329   Grab Deal
Tuna / Soorai at Rs.449   Grab Deal
Sea Bass/Koduva at Rs.1039   Grab Deal
Red Mullet / Nagarai at Rs.299   Grab Deal
Freshwater Pomfret at Rs.139   Grab Deal
Rohu Large (800 Gms to 1.2 Kg) at Rs.219   Grab Deal
Catla Large (800 Gms to 1.2 Kg) at Rs.229   Grab Deal
Offers on Marinades
Chettinad Prawns 65 at Rs.114   Grab Deal
Mutton Chukka at Rs.110   Grab Deal
Chilli Garlic Coriander Chicken Boneless at Rs.74   Grab Deal
Spicy Lemone Chicken - Boneless at Rs.84   Grab Deal
Chilli Garlic Prawns at Rs.114   Grab Deal
Offers on Coldcuts
Smoked Chicken Frankfurter at Rs.299   Grab Deal
Cheesy Chilly Chicken at Rs.299   Grab Deal
Offers on Cold Cuts
Smoked Chicken Frankfurter at Rs.299   Grab Deal
Cheesy & Chilli Chicken Cocktail Sausage at Rs.299   Grab Deal
Chicken Breakfast Sausage at Rs.299   Grab Deal
German Chicken Knackwurst at Rs.299   Grab Deal
Red Paprika Chicken Salami at Rs.299   Grab Deal
Classic Chicken Salami at Rs.299   Grab Deal
Discounts on Eggs
UPF Healthy Eggs Brown 6 Pcs at Rs.75   Grab Deal
Farm Made Free Range 6 Pcs at Rs.120   Grab Deal
Country Chicken Eggs - Pack of 6 at Rs.99   Grab Deal
Quail Eggs - Pack of 12 at Rs.75   Grab Deal
Discounts on Pickles
Guntur Chicken Pickle at Rs.149   Grab Deal
Guntur Prawn Pickle at Rs.199   Grab Deal
Guntur Mutton Pickle at Rs.249    Grab Deal
Discounts On Spices
Masala Varieties: Biryani Masala, Fish Roast Mix, Madras Fish Masala, Chicken 65 Mix Etc.,   Grab Deal
All Types of Spices. Turmeric, Coriander, Pepper & Curry Powders   Grab Deal
Total Number of TenderCuts Offers and Coupons - 58

T&Cs and more Info on TenderCuts

About Company

TenderCuts, an online provider of superior quality meat started in 2016, offers you farm fresh, 100% Halal, uncontaminated meat that is hygienic, healthy and totally in sync with the standards set by WHO. Wet markets used to be the only source of fresh meat at one time and because the meat was exposed to heat, their products were found to often be stale, unhygienic and poor in taste. Countering that, it now makes available to you fresh catches from certified farms & slaughter houses that undergo stringent quality checks and are free of all kinds of antibiotics, hormone injects, formalin and others that impact your health adversely. Supplies, cutting, packaging, delivery and more are performed seamlessly to make your experience with them fabulous and convenient. On its online store, you can pick your meat, your cut, your flavour and much more with the click of a button and have them delivered to you within 90 minutes. Along with chicken, seafood, mutton, exotic meats and marinades,

Corporate Address

Plot No 4, 1st Floor, Sri Durga Enclave,River view
2nd street,Iswaran Salai,OMR, Karapakkam
Chennai, India 600097
Website: http://www.tendercuts.in

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